Pokémon hops a ride across the Atlantic

Clubhouse Pokemon Virgin Atlantic

Thirsty Pokémon on its way to the Newark Clubhouse bar

The Pokémon Go craze quickly took over the US when it launched in early July. What is a Pokémon you may ask? Short for pocket monster, it’s a small animalian creature and the aim of the Pokémon Go game is to capture as many of them as possible. With the popular app’s much awaited release in the UK on 14 July, we knew we might catch a few Pokémon hopping aboard our flights from the USA to London to continue the fun across the pond.

Sure enough, on the day of the game’s UK release we had many critters crawling through our US airports. Staff checking in customers at Miami International Airport spotted them among travellers passing through on their way to security. Clubhouse managers reported that they popped by our JFK and Newark Clubhouses to refuel. Charmander was spotted helping our engineering teams on the tarmac to assist with a quick turnaround and even onboard, and all sorts of Pokémon were ready to keep customers company. Economy customers might have Doduo as a seatmate and Upper Class customers might spot Pidgey while enjoying a tasty signature drink at our onboard bar.

Pokemon at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse

Doduo dropping by the JFK Clubhouse to refuel

Poke just landed in MIA (1)

Pinsir protects our plane awaiting customers at Miami International Airport

Poke just landed in MIA

Helping our engineering teams with a quick turnaround

Poke just landed in MIA

Travelling in Upper Class? You might spot Pidgey while enjoying a drink at the onboard bar

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse Pokemon

More Pokémon spotted on the way to the Newark Clubhouse

Pokemon in every class

Keeping customers company in every class!

And our friends at Visit Britain are on the ground scouting which famous attractions in London are hotbeds for Pokémon activity once you arrive. Tip: there are allegedly Zubats in the Belfry at Westminster Abbey!

Pokemon at Westminster Abbey

Note: Please seek out Pokémon responsibly.

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