Romantic Places To Propose in the Caribbean

By: Sarah Woods

November 6, 2014

Nowhere in the world has the seductive allure and Cupid-factor of the palm-fringed isles of the tropics. Every marriage proposal should have a romantic backstory as utterly unique and special as the couples themselves. How and where it takes place, and the element of surprise and forethought that goes into it, is likely to be retold to friends and strangers for years to come. Handpicking romantic places to propose is an important part of planning the most magical way to “˜pop the question’ and the idyllic islands of the Caribbean are a great option. Whether it’s an exotic bloom-filled garden, spectacular fountain, hotel rooftop, waterfall or monument, the location should ooze with an unforgettable romance that mirrors the mood of the moment.
Bottom Bay | Romantic places to propose in the Caribbean
The scenic and secluded setting of Bottom Bay in Barbados makes it a great place to pop the question © Fyletto/iStock/Thinkstock

The charismatic captain of the Silver Moon catamaran sunset cruise in Barbados is an old romantic at heart, and welcomes marriage proposals aboard his gleaming vessel. Looking for hearts, flowers and seductive views? Then his twilight sailing tour fits the bill, offering crimson-amber skies and Champagne in the moonlight. The captain, always prepared to go the extra mile, will create a private area for the big proposal if needed or you can thrill the other sunset passengers – expect plenty of popping corks and delighted cheers! Other charming settings for the big proposal include the tranquil swimming pools of the beautiful animal flower cave. A gourmet picnic at Bottom Bay beach, on the Southeast coast of the island, offers a scenic and secluded stretch between tall, swaying palms.

In Grenada, calm sparkling waters provide the perfect opportunity for a quirky wedding proposal underwater, courtesy of Dive Grenada, located on Grand Anse beach. Dubbed the “˜Proposal Plunge’, this is the ultimate way to pop the question for water babes – with each proposal package tailored to be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. Capture the moment forever by hiring a local photographer to dive with you. Like the idea of a wet-suit wedding proposal? Then consider this Caribbean tropical paradise and its lush rainforest, spice-scented plantations and white sand beaches nestled among waterfalls – just be sure not to drop the engagement ring in amongst the underwater coral gardens.

The Pitons, St lucia | Romantic places to propose in the Caribbean
The mighty Pitons: A stunning backdrop for your proposal in St Lucia © Dean Perrus/iStock/Thinkstock 

St Lucia has long been a popular island for tropical wedding ceremonies with its relaxing pace, gentle sea breezes and golden sunshine – but it’s also one of the most romantic places to propose in the Caribbean. This gorgeous island is so rich in natural beauty that grooms-to-be need little extra help to set the scene. One of the most spellbinding spots is Mamiku Gardens, where orchids, fragrant herbs and colourful butterflies are found amongst the leafy nooks of this 12-acre parkland. The Pitons, Saint Lucia’s natural bride and groom, also form a breathtaking backdrop to your proposal, with the two volcanic peaks set side by side, jutting right out of the ocean. The duo can be spotted from many different points on the island with Jalousie Beach and Anse Chastanet Beach are worthy contenders. For an alternative to getting down on one knee, try an eco-adventure buzz on a moonlit zip-line rainforest canopy ride – you could pop the question as you soar through the trees!

Beach at sunset, Mount Irvine Bay, Tobago | Romantic places to propose in the Caribbean
Mount Irvine Bay offers magnetic views and pure serenity, best enjoyed at sunset © CaronB/iStock/Thinkstock

In Tobago, a picnic on the powder-fine sands of Mount Irvine Bay ensures the intimate privacy of one of the world’s most awe-inspiring locations. Pack gastronomic delights for lunch followed by a barefoot, hand-in-hand stroll along the beach, giving an opportune moment to get down on one knee with the soothing sound of lapping waves.

In cricket-mad Antigua, the Viv Richards Stadium offers the ultimate crowd-roaring place for a very public proposal. Simply pre-arrange for the “˜Big Question’ to be relayed via the ENORMOUS screen at the venue and share the thrill of your proposal with several-thousand people during a match in the heartland of West Indies cricket. Who knows, you may even enjoy 15-minutes of fame if the match is televised! It needs a bit of pre-planning and organisation to pull this off, but it’s bound to be a sure-fire hit with sports nuts!

Waterfall in a forest, Jamaica | Romantic places to propose in the Caribbean
Cascading waterfalls and verdant foilage couldn’t provide a prettier place to get down on one knee © Purestock/Thinkstock

For old-school romantics, the jaw-dropping beauty of St. Elizabeth in Jamaica is impossible to beat with its postcard-perfect backdrop. Imagine holding your loved one close under the sparkling cascades of seven-tiered waterfalls in a lush, tropical jungle setting? Nothing is as romantic as jumping into deep-water pools together amongst red ginger lilies and secluded palms to the sound of gushing waters.

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Sarah Woods

Sarah Woods

Award-winning travel writer, author & broadcaster Sarah Woods has lived, worked and travelled in The Caribbean since 1995. She has visited resort towns, villages and lesser-known islands where she has learned to cook run-down, sampled bush rum, traded coconuts, studied traditional medicine, climbed volcanoes and ridden horses in the sea. Sarah is currently working on a travel documentary about the history of Caribbean cruises.

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