Salt Lake City’s Summer Ski Resorts

By: Billy Yang

January 20, 2014

Even the license plates in Utah proudly state that this area has “the Greatest Snow on Earth.” But even after the snow has melted, there’s still plenty of fun to be had on the slopes at Salt Lake City’s summer ski resorts.

The lifts at Utah ski resorts continue to run throughout the summer. But instead of skiers and snowboarders, they haul hikers and mountain bikers up the steep inclines. Sundance Resort, located on the Apline Scenic Highway in Provo, has over 25 miles of single-track mountain biking trails. Lift tickets cost $14 – $20 depending on the time of day, and full-suspension mountain bike rental costs $27 – $47.


Summer Ski Resorts in Salt Lake City

Take a hike in one of Utah’s summer ski resorts © Adam Barker

If pedaling down rocky dirt trails sounds just a little too strenuous, Park City Mountain Resort offers several different ways to descend the mountain that require less physical exertion, from alpine slides right though to zip lines and even a coaster network of slide tracks. While the alpine slide offers over 3,000 feet of track (it’s one of the longest slides in the world), the elevated alpine coaster is a mountain roller coaster where riders can control the speed, which can reach up to 30 Mph. Park City Mountain Resort offers a combination pass for both the slide and coaster for $26 per ride. The fastest way to get from mountaintop to bottom is via the zip line. Suspending riders 110 feet up in the air, speeds can reach up to 45 mph – perfect for adrenaline junkies. Passes for the zip line range from $7 – $20.


Summer Ski Resorts in Salt Lake City

Down the Alpine Slide at Park City Mountain Resort © Eric Schramm

After a day of high octane exploring, it’s nice to find a place to sit down and relax with some live music. During the summer months, many of the resorts in Utah host concerts spanning a wide variety of musical genres.


Summer Ski Resorts in Salt Lake City

Summer concerts in Utah’s skiing spots © Ben Crosby

Snowbird Ski and Summer Resort, located in Salt Lake’s Little Cottonwood Canyon, doubles as a concert venue when the weather’s warm. Snowbird’s Cool Air Concert Series takes over the resort’s Plaza Deck every Saturday night from June to August. There’s also live music during the Sunday brunch service at The Atrium, one of the resort’s many dining options.


Summer Ski Resorts in Salt Lake City

Summer in Utah’s ski resorts © Visit Salt Lake

Big enough to house two ski resorts, Little Cottonwood Canyon isn’t as small as you might think. Just up the road from Snowbird is Alta, home to the historic Snowpine Lodge. Built in 1938, the lodge was recently renovated to include a restaurant. Settle into the dining room and enjoy Chef Nate Nagy’s modern take on American cuisine, served up alongside stunning panoramic views.


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Have you visited Utah’s ski spots during summer? Where are your favourite summer ski resorts in the area? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


Written by Billy Yang


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