Sin City Nights: The Las Vegas Stag Do

By: andrewbowman

June 15, 2010

With our Las Vegas route 10th Anniversary celebrations getting under way, we want to share some insider knowledge and top tips on this once-in-a-lifetime destination.

Luckily, It just so happens that the boyfriend of one of our team members has just returned from a Sin City stag do, so we’re very pleased to get a firsthand, personal take on the best bachelor party hot spots and experiences the US has to offer.

So, it’s over to our man in (well, just back from) Vegas, Ash Hennah:


The Vegas Vibe

“Certain things just go together: rhubarb & custard, bacon & eggs, and perhaps more than anything Vegas & stag!


The Vegas stag do, made legendary in cinematic classics like Very Bad Things and more recently The Hangover, is a rite of passage no man should miss out on. Much like chopping wood or successfully undoing a bra with one hand, the Vegas stag do is an experience that practically stands on the rooftops, flashing neon, screaming “I am a man!”


Las Vegas Strip at Night by Greytl on Flickr

Las Vegas Strip at Night by Greytl on Flickr


So what makes Vegas such an appealing place for such an event? Well, first there’s the name: “Sin City”. What could be more alluring? Perhaps the fact that it’s open 24-hours-a-day and allows you to gamble and walk about neon-lit casinos as if you were long a lost member of the Rat Pack. Can you imagine a better feeling?

So where to stay? There are countless options in Vegas and almost anything on The Strip will provide you with decent accommodation and access to all the main attractions.


Dive In

However, my preferred option, located just off the strip is the Hard Rock Hotel; its littering of rock memorabilia and 24-hour party atmosphere draws a lively young crowd.



Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel by tedmurphy on Flickr

Rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel by tedmurphy on Flickr


Another benefit of staying at the Hard Rock is the ease of access to Rehab (the pool party, not the Priory) – somewhere I would suggest any stag group should visit. This is a mammoth outdoor party, littered with beautiful bodies on weekend breaks from LA and feels somewhat like being in an episode of the late, great MTV programme The Grind. An unforgettable experience and the type of event you just don’t find in the UK.


Paint the Town Neon

Tao Nightclub by Ryan Holst on Flickr

Tao Nightclub by Ryan Holst on Flickr


The nightlife in Vegas is a bit different from the UK. Most clubs will have you waiting in very long queues unless you want to spend a large amount buying a bottle and a table. This will grant you access into VIP areas.

Tip: it’s expensive getting tickets when you are out there so check out a few sites prior to leaving to see if you can pick up a bargain on entry price. As with anywhere, weekday nights are cheaper. My recommended clubs are Rain at the Palms and Tao.

For a group of men out in the good old US of A there’s nothing more natural than a steak dinner. Some of the best spots on The Strip are Charlie Palmer Steak, Delmonico Steakhouse at The Venetian, and SW Steakhouse at Wynn, but there’s a steak house around every corner in Vegas.


Roll the Dice

If you have time, do make your way off The Strip to downtown Vegas. This is where it all began and has a bit more of an earthy feel to it. Naturally there are plenty of casinos, bars and strip joints here, but the real standout feature is the world’s biggest screen on Fremont Street.


You also have to have a flutter. Caesars Palace has a huge Casino area and is a great place to play a few hands of blackjack or have a spin on the roulette wheel, but any of the casinos will cater to your every gambling whim.

If you’re a novice you can easily pick up the rules of the most popular games before you go.


Gaming table at Caesars Palace by tenaciousme on Flickr

Gaming table at Caesars Palace by tenaciousme on Flickr


Finally, be sure to get the whole crew into tuxedos to stroll the casinos en masse. You’ll get a huge reaction, and really show up the baseball cap and shorts-wearing hordes. Oh, and drink! Enjoy.”

Photos by tenaciousme, Ryan Holst, Greytl and  tedmurphy. Top image of neon cowgirl by fPat.

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