The rise of multi-generational travel

In recent years, multi-generational travel has become increasingly popular. After all, when each generation of the family are keen travellers, why not bring everyone along to experience new places together. But there’s more to this enduring travel trend than a joint feeling of wanderlust. We look at why this rising trend is so appealing and how multi-generational travel has become increasingly important to holidaymakers.

The rise of multi-generational travel
It’s become increasingly important to spend time away with the whole family © iStock / Aleksandar Nakic


Between work schedules, school timetables and social commitments, each family member just seems to get busier, making it difficult for different generations to spend meaningful time together. This is, first and foremost, what attracts so many families to include grandparents, children and everyone in between, in their holiday plans, affording dedicated time out to enjoy each other’s company.

The rise of multi-generational travel
A cruise is one consideration for families spanning the different generations © iStock / urbancow


The defining factor in a successful trip of this kind is taking each person’s wants and needs into account. And perhaps the greatest challenge in this scenario is the need for compromise; while one person wants to go paragliding, it’s quite likely another would rather keep their feet firmly on the ground, but by choosing a destination that offers something for each age and interest this dilemma is easy to overcome. While activities and excursions are organised with particular family members in mind, others have the opportunity to step out of their typical holiday routine, too. Perhaps set out on a hike instead of relaxing by the pool, or experience a side to the culture you wouldn’t have otherwise signed up for.

The rise of multi-generational travel
Many resorts are catering to this style of travel © iStock / shalamov


Logistically, the practical needs of each person also need to be taken into account, from having the right facilities to look after very young children to accessibility for older family members. For large families, villa rentals often tick all the right boxes in this respect, while giving each person the space they need, as well as privacy for the family as a whole.

Some hotels, meanwhile, have adjoined suites set aside for families who want to have their own space. And resorts – such as Half Moon Bay in Jamaica, which caters to all ages, with The Anancy Children’s Village on-site for little ones – are striving to appeal to more generations, with the benefit of access to on-site entertainment and ease of finding something everyone wants to eat at mealtimes.

The rise of multi-generational travel
Larger family trips help people step out of their usual holiday routine © iStock / Xavier Arnau


As for choosing the destination, travel time and interests are both important factors. Perhaps consider a break in Puerto Rico, where the landscape and vibrant towns have just the right balance of outdoor pursuits, arts and culture, to suit each of the family’s generations. St Lucia is another great draw with abundant wildlife, lush scenery and peaceful coastline that seduces travellers of any age. Over in Asia, meanwhile, China has all the convenience and cultural stimulation a multi-generational family could ask for. Or to visit more than one destination, consider taking a cruise, combining the convenience they provide with abundant on-board entertainment.

The rise of multi-generational travel
Multi-generational family travel affords quality time together © iStock / elkor


And as each generation finds the right activities to suit them, the whole family can relax in each other’s company, however much or little they choose to do.

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