Our Favourite Videos of Accra

Our Favourite Videos of Accra

Touching down in Accra is a chance to immerse yourself in the sights, sounds and smells of one of Ghana’s most vibrant cities. Packed full of colour and energy, in our experience, there is never a dull moment to be had here – whether exploring a local market or picking up a bite to eat at one of the city’s many street food stands. For a sneak peak into city life, check out our selection of top Accra videos.

“Impressions of Accra, Ghana” by Reüel van der Steeg


From bustling city market to deserted beach, we love the way that “Impressions of Accra” introduces two very different sides to life in the city as Reül van der Steeg makes his leisurely way around town.

“An afternoon at Kaneshie Market, Accra, Ghana” by Ob Abenser


You can almost smell the street food in this video of Kaneshie Market by Ob Abenser. A short, sweet and incredibly colourful snapshot of one of Accra’s best-loved markets.

“City Short – Accra” by Chris Nzuriwatu


Soft focus beach shots and dreamy urban scenes, Chris Nzuriwatu’s “City Short” shows us the slower side to daily life in Accra.

“Drumming, Accra-Ghana Arts Centre” by Mae McConnell


We love this lively video of a drumming lesson at Accra’s Ghana Arts Centre by Mae McConnell. Watch the pros at work and maybe pick up a trick or two”¦

“Accra 2012″ by Jonathan Morris


This montage video by Jonathan Morris shows a group of young travellers as they embark on a trip to Accra. From city to jungle to beach, we loved watching the group set about exploring Accra’s many attractions.

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