vtravelled Weekly Round-Up w/c 16th May


Our weekly round-up of inspirational travel picks from the web”¦

LA Beat

Visiting California? Ever read On The Road? Well Flavorwire and Greyhound are encouraging travellers to follow in the footsteps of Kerouac’s classic and keep a diary. Click for details, pics and starter tips.

If you’re taking the beatnik route round LA, you’re pretty unlikely to go for a $5000 bowl of soup in Santa Monica, but you still might like to read about it.

Leisurely Las Vegas

Well, we’ve been to Vegas but until we saw this via Wonderlust Wonder, it was all cabs and limos in our mind. We never thought about the city’s super-efficient monorail, now we want to go back for a ride:

High again in Hong Kong

A few weeks ago we reported on the opening of the new Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, the world’s highest hotel. Well, since then someone’s been up there with a camera and captured this incredible timelapse video of the city from above.

Street Art Chicago

As mentioned in our recent Banksy piece, seeking out great street art on your travels can be difficult due to its transient nature. So, if you’re visiting the Windy City in the next few weeks, don’t miss out on the Chicago Urban Society’s Street Art Show. Its location also offers a great opportunity to go off in the beaten track in the South Halsted/Pilsen district, the place to get great Mexican food.

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