vtravelled Weekly Round-up w/c 1st August

Street art, unique sports and free rides are the highlights of our web-based travels this week…

Free Bar Hopping in San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best places to go drinking; it would be even better if you could just get between all those bars a little easier. Enter the new Tonic Limo Service a totally free shuttle service which operates between four bars: Bullitt and Tonic in Russian Hill, Rebel in the Castro, Mayhem in the Mission. Just don’t forget to tip.

A Green World in Tokyo

We’re always on the lookout for new eateries and if the food comes in interesting surroundings, then so much the better. The latest addition to Tokyo’s vast culinary landscape (some 160,000 restaurants), +Green is an architectural marvel with a kind of outdoors-indoors feel. The first floor take away is apparently popular for park picnics, but looking at the interior, we reckon the weather would have to be extra nice for us not to eat in.

Barbados Road Tennis

Volleyball and watersports are the typical outdoor activities for many summer holidaymakers, but how about trying the unique sports of the country you’re visiting? If that country happens to be Barbados, a bit of road tennis – like a lowdown, overgrown table tennis – will provide a good workout and a way to meet locals. We’re just not sure how good it is for your back”¦

London: Block Rocking Art

Next weekend North London plays host to a free all day block party of graffiti and music when Meeting Of Styles 2011 hits Holloway Road.Fifty of the finest aerosol artists will be painting up a storm with a backdrop of booming beats, beer and barbecue food. This will definitely be the part of town to be on Saturday, especially if the weather holds up.

Merry-Go-Round New York

If you’re visiting New York with kids, Brooklyn’s Prospect Park is always a good bet and its classic carousel in the Children’s Corner brings back that old-fashioned amusement park atmosphere. And now’s the time to take the little ones for a spin as the ride is free every Thursday throughout August.

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