vtravelled Weekly Round-Up w/c 27th June


Another week’s worth of top travel tips, stories and inspirational links from across the world of the web”¦


New York Nights In

You might not think it, but you can find almost as wide a range of entertainment inside Manhattan’s hotels as you can in the city at large. And it all comes with that extra comfort factor. From an 80-year-old ivory tickling chanteuse to madcap comedy and silent film accompaniment, Hotel Chatter has a guide to the unmissable highlights.


Fresh Urban Eats USA

So that’s the entertainment sorted, now where to eat? You have thousands of tried and tested options, but why not forge ahead and go for one of the New York’s newest? With other destinations including LA, DC, Miami and Vegas, this rundown of the 10 Best New Urban Restaurants from Frommer’s is full of inspiring eateries.


London Street Photography Festival

If you’re hitting in London in July, you’ll immediately notice that the city is in the grip of festival fever. With cultural events happening all over, it’s difficult to choose what to see and what to avoid, but our big tip would be the new London Street Photography Festival, which runs for the whole month, taking in exhibitions, workshops and talks – many of them free – at various venues all over the city.

Tropical Tokyo

Did you see our post on Unusual Island Escapes earlier this week? Well we’ve got another for you. Japan’s Ogasawara Islands are technically part of Tokyo, but are a world (and 25-hours ferry ride) away from the bustling metropolis. Just last week the archipelago was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status and looking at this story and pics it’s easy to see why. Yes, they’re a little difficult to get to, but tell us you’re not tempted.


Washington DC On Screen

We can’t help it, everybody wants a movie moment and all our urban adventures are informed to some degree by what we see on the big screen. While New York, LA and London are the obvious cinematic hot spots, the US capital has garnered more than its fare share of film references, as this whopping 100 strong list of DC movies attests. I think we have a few DVDs to rent before our next visit”¦

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