vtravelled Weekly Round-Up: w/c 28th Feb

In this week’s round-up of travel-related web wonders we rest our heads in the wilderness and let our tummies do the talking with a look at some hot dining spots.

Terrific trailers, no trash

This week we wandered into the desert with our Best Side-Trips from Las Vegas. Venturing a little further west towards LA, looking for cool places to stop off, we stumbled across the ultimate hideout, near Joshua Tree National Park, just a couple of hours outside the city. Hicksville Trailer Palace and Artist Retreat, with its luxurious and kitschy themed-trailers is the embodiment of Cali cool.

New London, old India

Back home in the UK, we’re constantly hungry for new and exciting dining options and London never lets us down. Our latest find came courtesy of We Heart, who have some very enticing pics of Dishoom in Covent Garden, which recreates the vibe of turn-of-the-century Bombay cafes and serves a mean selection of cocktails, curries and classy snacks.

Gourmet Meals on Wheels

While we’ll always take chic cafes over burger vans, we certainly wouldn’t mind a little street dining at Aaron’s Catering Express in Miami. Gourmet fast food and mobile gastronomy at its finest, finished of with ‘decontructed smores’. Yum.

Big Apple Eats

If you’re further up the East Coast in New York, it’s all about dining out in March. So if you’re stopping off in the city, don’t stick to Manhattan – get across the bridge for the best deals on meals as Dine In Brooklyn Week kicks off at the end of the month with around 200 restaurants participating.

Let’s Take Tokyo

Also on our own menu this week, we’ve had fun with Japanese restaurant etiquette (among other things) in our latest How To post.

If you’re heading over on business, etiquette definitely comes in extra handy so you might also want to know How To Drink Like a Japanese Salaryman. And no visit to Tokyo is complete without a little sing-song, so when the deals are done head for one of Tokyo’s 5 Wackiest Karaoke Parlours.

Travels in time

Finally, our favourite visual travel treat this week is this gorgeous Flickr collection from Art of the Luggage Label. Just like the name says.

Photo of Nana in Park Slope, Brooklyn by Paul Lowry on Flickr.

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