vtravelled Weekly Round-Up w/c 30th May

This week’s round-up from our web travels is a summery summary with food, festivals and”¦


Ice Cream USA!

It doesn’t seem to matter what season it is or what the weather’s like in America, it’s always time for ice cream. If you’re off to the States for summer though, you’ll need to cool down with a cone or two, and this best specialist and artisan ice cream shops will help you find the finest frosty fix in New York, San Francisco, Boston and Chicago.



Eat Chicago

Speaking of Chicago, if you’re not there for the Taste of Chicago festival (mentioned in our summer round-up) and want to know where to eat, what better than an insider’s list of the top Restaurants Chicagoans Clamor For? It even offers great alternatives in case you can’t get a table.



Boston Bacon

If Boston’s your destination, you could be heading for a more rough and ready culinary treat at the Boston Bacon Takedown in Somerville on the 19th. 20 cooks making exclusively bacon-based dishes for your delectation and judgement. Perhaps skip breakfast.



Frisco Fests and Fairs

Heading to the Bay? You picked the right time as San Francisco gets set to host a ton of free festivals and street fairs all over the city. SFist has a great guide to June’s events.


And here’s a little something to get you in the mood, a lovely timelapse film (yeah, we love them) by Adonis Pulatus showing SF at its best:

Shiny Shanghai

We’re always on the lookout for unusual museums on our urban adventures, and it looks like ever-changing Shanghai has come up trumps with the best we’ve seen in a while. The newly opened Shanghai Museum of Glass seeks to explore “the unlimited possibilities of glass”, which may be an odd proposition but the exhibitions look great and the overall design – loads of pics on The Cool Hunter here – is rather stunning too.


Everyday NY

One of the best things about travel is absorbing local life and culture, but we don’t always get the chance, especially on whirlwind city breaks. Well, this beautiful insight into everyday life more than makes up for that with words and photos from a distinguished and diverse cast of New York characters. We’ve been aware of this project for a while but only recently taken the time to sit down and watch them in full. Amazing, engrossing stuff.

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