vtravelled Weekly Round-Up w/c 6th June

Our web travels have been all about urban adventures this week, with top stuff from Tokyo, LA, London and New York…

Pop-Up New York

If you’re travelling to the Big Apple soon, listen out for music in the streets as 88 individually decorated pianos will pop-up all across the city’s five boroughs. This year’s Sing For Hope project kicks off next Saturday (18th) and will continue until July 2nd. Though there will be performances from a roster of volunteer musicians, everybody’s free to play. Go on, give us a tune.


Continuing the pop-up trend, NYC has hosted a lot of one-off eateries of late, but this weekend sees the arrival of the first vegan pop-up restaurant at Broadway East. Even if you’re omnivorous, this stuff looks inviting – vegan soul food? If you’re in town, it’s got to be worth a try. Ends on Sunday 12th.


Guided By Twitter

Ever been on a short stop in a city with no plans? Writer and sometime vtravelled contributor David Whitley recently found himself in London and conducted an interesting experiment. Making no prior arrangements, he allowed himself to be guided on his urban adventures purely on the strength of live social media suggestions. It all worked out pretty well too”¦


London: Sleeping in Style

The one thing you really should plan if you’re in London is your accommodation and you could do a lot worse than any of the super stylish rooms rounded up here by theBrief. Check out those pics;we live here and we’re still tempted.


Drive-in Los Angeles

This week, the drive-in cinema celebrates its 78th birthday, and where better to celebrate than the home of the silver screen? Many of the country’s drive-ins are long gone, but if you’re hitting LA this summer, you really shouldn’t miss out on this classic American experience. Blogging LA have a great guide to the best drive-ins around the city.


Alice in Tokyo

Alright, we all expect (and want) to see some bizarre sights in Tokyo, but a restaurant with its own forest? The recently opened Alice of Magic World takes its inspiration from the famous Lewis Carroll story and really runs with it. We can’t remember ever eating anywhere quite as eccentric as this.

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