Christmas Gifts for Travel Lovers 2012

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It’s that time of year again and just like last year, we’ve been beavering away to bring you the best selection of gifts for the travel lovers in your life. If you’re still struggling to find the perfect present for a would-be globetrotter, look no further. Here are five more fantastic ideas…

Contemporary wall maps

Every self-respecting traveller needs a map of the world to hang in their abode, and we’ve not found a finer collection than those on offer from The Future Mapping Company. High-design works of art in their own right, these contemporary maps are deserving of prominent wall space and come in a number of finishes. Opt for an art-quality paper print, plastic-coated for a write on/wipe off finish, or go all-out and choose a framed and magnetised version, which comes with a dozen stainless steel balls for plotting your next adventure.

Contemporary maps from the Future Mapping Company.jpg
Contemporary maps from the Future Mapping Company © 2012 Future Mapping Company

Prices for the map shown in the picture above start at £25. Visit The Future Mapping Company for more information and styles.

Unique luggage tags and passport holders

Stylish, sustainable, and ‘upcycled’ from the sails of rescued yachts, hang-gliders and microlights – we just love the ethical range of products on offer from The Reefer Sail Company. Current favourites are these recycled luggage tags, available in a variety of airport style graphics not too dissimilar to our own – little wonder we’re a fan. Designed to gently distress over time, the tags come supplied as a pair, with a stainless steel cable link and internal clear window pocket for your business card. Certain designs can be personalised, and they’re available as passport holders too.

Luggage tags and passport holders by the Reefer Sail Co. © 2012 Reefer Sail Company.jpg
Luggage tags and passport holders by the Reefer Sail Co. © 2012 Reefer Sail Company

Luggage tags sets and passport holders both start at £24.75, available from Not On The High Street.

Cardboard FM radio and iPod speakers

It’s a portable iPod speaker and an FM radio in one, and it’s made entirely from recycled cardboard (aside from the technical inner bits of course) so no need to stress if it gets a little beaten up in your backpack. At less than half a kilogram it’s a practical way to have access to your sounds on the go, and perfect for the beach, a picnic or impromptu party. Plug straight into your iPod with the provided lead and the large retro-looking speaker unit will give a good level of volume without distortion (batteries included).

Cardboard FM radio and iPod speakers.jpg
Cardboard FM radio and iPod speakers © 2012 Suck UK

The Cardboard Radio costs £25 and is available from Suck UK. NB: Not for use in Japan.

Kid’s VW Campervan Tent

Got a mini-sized travel lover in your life? A classic VW Campervan might be a bit out of your price range, but we adore these licensed kid-sized VW Campervan tents, which are perfect for indoor and outdoor use and accommodate up to three children without a squeeze. With no pegs or other assembling required it’s a doddle to get your little ones clued-up about life on the open road – just remove from the carry case and up it pops. They’ll be planning a road trip before you can say Jack Kerouac.

VW Campervan Tent © 2012 The Letter Room.jpg
VW Campervan Tent © 2012

Available in pink and blue, the Campervan tent costs £54.99 from The Letteroom.

The J-Pillow travel pillow

If you’re a frequent traveller you’ve probably tried a number of different travel pillows over the years, and you’ll know that most of them don’t exactly do a very good job. The brand new J-Pillow approaches the problem from a completely different angle, because it’s specially designed to provide support for the chin, as well as the neck. This prevents your head from falling forward as you drop off and jolting you suddenly back upright in shock. With the J-Pillow, your chin, neck, back of head and side of head are all comfortably supported, making it possible to actually fall asleep in an upright position, without the need for the extra support of a window seat. What’s more, it was designed by inventor Gemma Jensen who knows a thing or two about flying long-haul – she was previously a member of our cabin crew! Well, what did you expect…

The J-Pillow travel pillow © 2012 J-Pillow.jpg
The J-Pillow travel pillow © 2012 J-Pillow

Purchase a J-Pillow for £19.95 and visit to learn more about the benefits.

Header photo © jurvetson

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