Blissed Out: Spa Treatments and Massages in Barbados

By: Sarah Woods

July 10, 2013

In a pressurised, fast-paced world consumed by snappy deadlines, one of the most decadent treats you can afford yourself is time. For many, nothing is as luxurious as undisturbed tranquillity. So jump on a flight to the Caribbean sunshine and indulge in some sweet-smelling pampering courtesy of our favourite spa treatments and massages in Barbados

Spa extravaganza

The serene, starlit spa extravaganza at the oh-so peaceful Tamarind Spa is a very good place to start. Costing just $99, this intimate 2-hour evening package of well-being treatments embraces the healing natural organic botanicals of Barbados, from the indigenous nuts, berries, tropical fruits and blooms and freshly harvested sea salts to organic-laden sediment and mud, marine algae, therapeutic seaweeds and innumerable aromatic spices and oils. A treatment menu reads like an irresistible wish list of pampering with a seductive range of touch therapies that includes a whole slew of hydrating massages and nourishing facials. To the soothing sounds of the sea, treatments under the night sky provide a dreamy experience that tantalises all the senses. Pleasure, relaxation and renewal provide the perfect prelude to restful slumber as candles gently flicker and palm trees sway.

Barbados Spa Treatments | Caribbean

Massages use palm leaves, shells, stones, rattan and sea sponge © Barbados Tourism Authority




Native spa treatments deliver a strong, pure and authentic sense of “place” so the Tamarind’s use of locally sourced ingredients is a major draw. Choose from an exfoliating body scrub that combines coarse Bajan sea salt with raw cane brown Barbadian sugar to leave skin velvety soft. For the ultimate splurge, book the 2-hour top-to-toe body therapy package using warm sea foam to naturally stimulate blood flow, or try toxin-banishing lymphatic circulation using curative tamanu nut oil, raw cane sugar and invigorating citrus blends. In an age of chemical-based medicine and pollution, it feels good to return to nature with ingredients picked, plucked and gathered.

Barbados Spa Treatments | Caribbean

Solus por aqua (SPA) means ‘health by water’ © Barbados Tourism Authority

Thankfully, the Tamarind Spa cares little for the boot-camp ethos of health by deprivation. Local food is superb in the sea-facing restaurant, with freshly-hauled fish transformed by a fusion of Caribbean cooking styles that flick every sensory switch. A small, highly trained team of therapists offers every spa guest a customised wellness experience, with a philosophy of respecting the body rather than over-exerting it. A gym, full of scary-looking fitness equipment, is out of sight of the spa – making it easy to bypass guilt-free.

Barbados Spa Treatments | Caribbean

Opt or a star-lit massage for a tantalising twilight treat © Barbados Tourism Authority

Spa Under the Stars is available on Saturdays between 6-8pm.

Header photo © Barbados Tourism Authority

Virgin Atlantic operates direct flights to Barbados from London Gatwick. Visit Virgin Holidays for a range of Barbados holidays, including at the Tamarind, and check out our previous feature on where to stay in Barbados for more spa ideas.

Have you been on a blissed-out holiday to Barbados? What spa treatments did you indulge in?


Sarah Woods

Award-winning travel writer, author & broadcaster Sarah Woods has lived, worked and travelled in The Caribbean since 1995. She has visited resort towns, villages and lesser-known islands where she has learned to cook run-down, sampled bush rum, traded coconuts, studied traditional medicine, climbed volcanoes and ridden horses in the sea. Sarah is currently working on a travel documentary about the history of Caribbean cruises.

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