The Greatest Swimming Pools in the World

By: Chantelle Symester

August 13, 2014

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the next Michael Phelps or can only muster a poor excuse for a doggy paddle, these world class pools – complete with spectacular views, high-spec features and insanely beautiful surrounds will make you want to throw on your swimsuit and dive right in. Take a peek at some of these greatest swimming pools in the world, for the ultimate aquatic bucket list.

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat | World's Best Swimming Pools

Enjoy the captivating view up high in the hilltops of St. Lucia © Boucan by Hotel Chocolat 

If heaven were a place on earth then we’d bet money on it being hidden in the hilltops of St Lucia. Set within the rainforest of this tropical island, The Boucan Hotel is a tucked-away retreat that offers guests sublime panoramic views and a relaxing haven. With picturesque views amongst verdant cocoa groves, there’s simply nothing better than taking a leisurely dip in the luxe infinity pool. You’ll be hard pushed to find poolside views this good anywhere else on the island.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island | The Greatest Swimming Pools in the world

Kick back in the lap of luxury in the British Virgin Islands © Virgin Limited Edition

Surrounded by beautiful coral reefs, otherworldly beaches and impeccable weather, a trip to Sir Richard Branson’s own Necker Island is pure paradise. The curved pool, which snakes around the coastline and is overlooked by the Great House, provides phenomenal views across the deep blue Caribbean waters as far as the eye can see. Between laps, sip on a refreshing cocktail and toast to the good life.

The Standard Hotel, Downtown LA

Standard Hotel | World's Best Swimming Pools

Take a dip and catch a movie at The Standard in LA © The Standard Hotels

Set in Downtown Los Angeles, The Standard Hotel has set the benchmark for stylish rooftop pools. Visit this little oasis in the heart of the city for some downtime (or to combat the oppressive heat) and partake in a pool party bonanza, cocktail in hand. For a truly unique swim, catch a movie on the giant screens that flank the poolside.

Molitor, Paris

Molitor | The Greatest Swimming Pools in the world

Molitar: a hotspot for hip Parisians © Agence Nuel/Gilles Trillard

Restoring a national treasure is no easy feat, but the team behind Molitor have pulled it off effortlessly. The historic public swimming bath is back to its former glory – the stunning façade pays homage to local heritage while also incorperating notable contemporary features in the overall design. Perfect for a chic leisurely swim in the heart of Paris.

Amangiri, Utah

Amangiri Utah -| World's Best Swimming Pools

The views from the pool will take your breath away at Amangiri Utah © Amangiri

Who says Utah doesn’t do luxury? If you happen to be in the USA’s southwestern desert you may want to book a stay at the Amangiri resort. Its stellar pool is both the focal point and the cherry atop a very alluring cake, and the views of Canyon Point from every angle of the pool will leave you speechless. Plus, with a lavish spa and various holistic treatments and facilities on offer, this tranquil retreat is the ideal place to escape city life and regain a sense of calm.

Sol de Oriente at Costa Careyes, Mexico

Sol de Oriente, Costa Careyes | Greatest Swimming Pools in the World

You will literally feel like you are swimming off the edge of a cliff at Sol de Oriente © Costa Careyes

You will feel like the king of a very luxurious castle if you plan a stay at Sol de Oriente in Costa Careyes on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The bright yellow deluxe villa, situated on top of a mammoth hill on the coast, towers over the charming beach below and comes complete with its own moat – well, a circular infinity pool that is! Take in exceptional views of the unspoilt nature that kisses the parameters of the grounds and truly swim with the stars.

The James Hotel, New York

James Hotel Rooftop Pool | World's Best Swimming Pools

Swim among the skyscrapers at The James Hotel’s rooftop pool © The James Hotel

There is something wonderfully indulgent about having access to a secret rooftop pool in the heart of the city. Located in Soho, New York, The James Hotel has become a favourite among holidaymakers looking for a serene and discreet haven away from the busy city streets of the Big Apple. Complete a peaceful poolside yoga session before reinvigorating with a soothing dip in the stunning plunge pool.

Hamilton Swimming Preserve, Austin Texas

Hamilton Pool | The Greatest Swimming Pools in the world

Into the wild: Venture down to Texas and swim in the natural pools © Sandra Hintzman/Flickr

The Hamilton Swimming Preserve proves that anything man can do, nature can do way better! The sunken pool, created by water erosion over thousands of years, has helped to create one of the most unusual (and popular) pools in Texas. Set in the Travis County National Park, it’s the prefect excuse to take a hike and then reward yourself with a relaxing dip, and there will be plenty of wildlife to keep you company.

Sea Point Swimming Pool, Cape Town

Sea Point Swimming Pool | World's Best Swimming Pools

Sun, sea and swim: Cape Town’s Sea Point is so enticing you won’t want to leave © Clarissa de Wet/Flickr

Frolicking poolside at the Sea Point swimming complex in Cape Town is a great way to lap up SA’s idyllic weather during the summer months. The unique set up includes four gigantic filtered seawater pools, including an Olympic sized pool and dedicated diving pool. Expect to mingle among avid swimmers and revellers who just want to take a refreshing dip to cool off, and with scenic views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean it’s no wonder this place can get jam packed when the sun is out. If you’re lucky you may even spot a top athlete getting some practice in as well.

Have you visited any of the greatest swimming pools in the world? Have we left your favourite off our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Written by Chantelle Symester


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