Indianapolis: The Eco-Friendly City

Saving the earth is a community-wide effort in Indianapolis. With solar farms, bike sharing, electric car rentals, eco-savvy attractions and one of the most forward-thinking bike/pedestrian trails in the United States, the eco-friendly city is definitely a destination environmentally conscious travellers can feel good about visiting. … Continue reading

Visiting Swaziland: An Alternative Southern African Getaway

Sunset over Swaziland © A small, scenically diverse country poised at the edge of the southern Africa’s eastern escarpment, the Kingdom of Swaziland is sandwiched between South Africa and Mozambique, just a few hour’s drive from Johannesburg. Its dramatic topography is rugged and undulating, with numerous steeply-rising … Continue reading

Where To Spot Sea Turtles In Cancun

  The Mexican Caribbean waters around Cancun are one of the best places in the world to spot sea turtles. Here you can scuba dive or snorkel with them, watch at night as they lay their eggs on the beach, help to protect nests or … Continue reading
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The Birds of Delaware Bay

A hop, skip and jump from Philadelpia, and within easy striking distance of Washington, Baltimore and New York, is the region’s best kept-secret, the upper Delaware Bay. Made up of haunting fishing towns, oyster beds and migrating birds, it can seem remarkably remote for somewhere … Continue reading

How to go Swimming with Penguins in Cape Town

  Bestowing Cape Town with its sublime beauty is the proximity of its built environments to such vast swaths of natural wilderness. Plus, there’s a pristine ocean curling around craggy headlands and boulder-strewn beaches. One of the must-do day-trips out of the city is a … Continue reading

Green Hawaii: The Koa Trees of Hawaii Island

  On the slopes of Mauna Kea, home of the State of Hawaii’s tallest point (4,000 meters), an outfit is replanting more than a thousand stripped acres with indigenous trees. The best part? In a land where locals ask that you take nothing (only photographs) … Continue reading
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The Greenest Building on Earth: Pittsburgh’s Centre for Sustainable Landscapes

Pittsburgh is a leading city in environmental sustainability with more than 37 green-certified buildings. It’s home to one of the greenest buildings on Earth: The Centre for Sustainable Landscapes at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. The state-of-the-art, three-story structure, which opened in December 2012, is … Continue reading

Seth Gross: Durham’s Locally Sourced Chef

A new restaurant in Durham, North Carolina, is turning up the heat on pizza pies by taking a fine-dining approach to this oft-believed-to-be-anything-but cuisine. Pompieri Pizza, under the guidance of Chef-Owner Seth Gross, make everything they use on their pizzas in-house, using locally sourced ingredients … Continue reading