Forgotten Florida: Islands to Discover

  Florida’s fabulous Keys are well known, but what of the Sunshine State’s other islands? Following a sweep of coastline from the panhandle’s extreme west near the Alabama border, all the way down to the distant Cedar Keys south of Gainsville, we take a look … Continue reading
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Surprising holiday destinations for summer 2016

As beautiful as Europe might be in July, there’s no reason to spend every summer on the Costa del Sol. From the colourful, palm-lined shores of Antigua and Barbuda to the spectacular mountain scenery of northern Japan, the Crystal Coast of North Carolina to the … Continue reading
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Albuquerque: Exploring the Paseo del Bosque

New Mexico’s largest city, Albuquerque, has been named one of the best in the United States for its outdoors by National Geographic Adventure, and the Paseo del Bosque plays a major role in the city’s outdoorsy status. A network of trails weaves through the city … Continue reading

Winter in Quebec: Montreal’s top day trips

Montréalers embrace their bucolic ventures into winter (do they really have a choice?), turning forested paths into skating trails, hauling inner tubes up hills and locating spas wherever they can. Here are some of our favourite destinations, all less than 90-minutes away from Montréal, to … Continue reading

Beyond Jacksonville: Visiting Amelia Island

Located an hour north of Downtown Jacksonville, historic Amelia Island offers a relaxing escape from the hectic pace of everyday life. From historic spots like Fort Clinch State Park to an array of boutique shopping along Centre Street and crisp, clean beaches, it’s easy to … Continue reading