Florida: A guide to Fort Lauderdale beaches

Broward County-the filling of the Palm Beach and Miami-Dade sandwich- may sometimes be neglected for the top and bottom slices of glamour and glitz. But, don’t make the same mistake. Along its 23-mile coastline, Broward has a number of Blue Wave Beaches. The Fort Lauderdale … Continue reading
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Romantic Places To Propose in the Caribbean

Nowhere in the world has the seductive allure and Cupid-factor of the palm-fringed isles of the tropics. Every marriage proposal should have a romantic backstory as utterly unique and special as the couples themselves. How and where it takes place, and the element of surprise … Continue reading
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New Hotels Opening in Dubai in 2015

Having secured the bid to host World Expo 2020, big things are on the horizon for Dubai. The six-month run will be the first time the event has ever taken place in the Middle East, and will also kick off the country’s Golden Jubilee anniversary … Continue reading
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The Caribbean By Boat: How to Charter Your Own Yacht

  There’s something a bit jet set about doing the Caribbean by boat. The idea of chartering your own private yacht and sailing into the sunset is an alluring thought most of us only dream of. But for those up for the adventure, planning a trip … Continue reading
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Tokyo City Photos: An Instagram Gallery

As the world’s most populous metropolis city, Tokyo isn’t short of interesting sights to keep any keen tourist occupied. From the bustling urban streets of Ginza and Harajuku to the historical sites of the Senso-ji Temple, there’s a diverse spectrum of things to marvel at … Continue reading
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South African Fashion: An Insider’s Guide

  There’s no better way of observing the influences and cultural trends of a country than through its fashion and style purveyors. Bloggers Anthony Bila of The Expressionist and Sheri Lee Greenway of SAFashiongirl know the vibrant South African fashion scene like no other. Here … Continue reading
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Why You Must Visit The New Look San Diego Waterfront

With its oceanfront location and beautiful harbour you might expect downtown San Diego to have a waterfront to match. Sadly, that hasn’t been the case””until now. The esplanade that stretches along the bay from the San Diego Convention Center to the airport has traditionally been … Continue reading

Miami Design: The Starchitect Revolution

For years, Miami design was synonymous with the colours – and kitsch – of its Art Deco architecture, which filled the city’s streets with rainbow hues and reflected its laidback beach-y appeal. These days, though, Miami is donning a new look – one that’s sleek, … Continue reading