Historic Jacksonville Hotels

On the surface, Jacksonville is a progressive, fun Southern town, but its rich historic foundations are the area’s real assets. Visitors can travel back in time here, on the same virgin beaches that the Spanish explorers claimed in the 1500s, in Civil War guesthouses or … Continue reading

Kona Coffee: Hawaii’s Best Plantations and Coffee Shops

  Every November, a rather ‘highly-charged’ yet seemingly low-key group of hot beverage enthusiasts descend in the sleepy port town of Kailua-Kona on Hawaii Island (nicknamed ‘The Big Island’). The reason needs no watering down: They’re here for the annual Kona Coffee Festival, a week-long … Continue reading
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Grenada Attractions: Hermit Crab Racing

Hermit crab racing isn’t just a fun beach diversion in Grenada: it’s a pursuit that punters take seriously. From bookies to good luck rituals and team names, the crab racing sport is one of the most unusual Grenada attractions on offer. A bucket of hermit crabs, a … Continue reading

Where to Have Brunch in Washington D.C.

While it might seem that D.C. politicos are incapable of anything resembling compromise, this celebrated meal, where breakfast meets lunch halfway, is inspiring enough to bring everyone back to the table (*okay, so probably different tables). Deciding where to eat in the capital can be … Continue reading

Florida Greens: The Best Miami Beach Golf Courses

  With an abundance of lush vegetation, flat land and an ocean breeze, it’s no wonder Miami Beach golf courses are often mentioned throughout golf media as “˜must plays’ – from PGA Tour grade holes to budget friendly options. Whether you’re visiting Miami for work, … Continue reading

Java Junkies: Chicago Coffee Shops and Roasters

Chicagoans love coffee. And they aren’t settling for grocery or chain store cups – coffee roasters have been quietly raising the city’s java profile for some time, making it possible to get a terrific cup just about anywhere in town. Intelligentsia Coffee, which also has … Continue reading

New World Wine: A Tour of Indian Wineries

  The capital of Maharashtra, Mumbai is awash with new world wine. On your next trip to India you’ll soon discover that in smart suburbs and downtown bars, socialites and Bollywood lovelies nowadays care less about sugary cocktails and more about Cabernet Sauvignon. It’s a … Continue reading

A Connoisseur’s Guide to Cocktail Bars in Manchester

A city which thinks a table is for dancing on, Manchester is internationally known for its nightlife, bars and pubs. For discerning drinkers wanting quality and choice, the city also has a number of establishments which specialise in one particular type of drink, complete with … Continue reading