Looking for modern day adventures on Columbus Day

By: Dave Gunner

October 7, 2016

Columbus Day banner

It’s no surprise that our team loves to travel. It’s what we obsessively dream about, from the next business trip to the next personal adventure. That’s why we get excited when nations honor their original explorers.

Next week, the U.S. will be celebrating one of its first explorers, Christopher Columbus. While historians argue that he wasn’t the first explorer to reach America, his trip from Europe to the New World established a path for trade across the Atlantic and the beginning of an age of European exploration. Centuries have gone by since Columbus’ first voyage, and while the mode of transportation across the Atlantic has vastly improved, we know that our appetite to explore new territory and get lost in our adventures is still the same. Take a peek at the below infographic which celebrates the sense of travel and exploration in all of us.

What will be your next big adventure? A desert dune buggy ride, a safari, a balloon ride or perhaps a stroll through the streets of a new city.

Dave Gunner

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