The airport: Arrive and depart in style

By: Dave Gunner

December 12, 2018

All that research to find the perfect destination, hotel or itinerary. Bags brought down from the loft and packed. Trip planned to the nth degree. Final check of the house. Now all that lies between you and that ‘now we can relax’ moment is getting to the airport – sometimes the most stress-inducing part of the entire trip.

But did you know you can relax the second you step out of your front door? We offer a couple of cool services you might not be aware of that will make getting to and from the airport much easier and more enjoyable.

Limos and limobikes

You can now book our legendary chauffeur car service service regardless of which class of travel you’re flying. Forget the uneasy feeling of leaving your car at the long term car park or the hassle of trying to blag a lift from your mates. Top and tail your travels by booking a modern car with a smart and attentive driver who knows the quickest route, and all for not much more than the cost of a standard taxi. Our chauffeur cars are supplied by Tristar and offer the best, most stress-free and stylish way of starting your trip. Alternatively, if you’re in a hurry or worried about the traffic, you can also book a limobike to whisk you to or from your London airport. And there’s no need to worry about the weather – they’ve got all the gear to keep you warm and dry.

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Based in London our limobikes are the quickest and most talked-about way to get from A to B. They’re the perfect solution for anyone short of time or worried about the capital’s interminable traffic. IAM-qualified (Institute of Advanced Motorists) riders provide all the gear you’ll need for a comfortable journey, including top of the range weatherproof clothing plus a waterproof blanket to protect your shoes in case of rain. They’re also experts in estimating your journey time, so take the frustration out of moving around London and get to where you need to be quickly, comfortably and above all safely.

To take advantage of our chauffeur car and limobike preferential rates speak to the agent who booked your flights. The chauffeur car can also be booked via  the ‘manage my flights’ section of our website. (The drive through is only available to our Upper Class customers).

Taking the lug out of luggage

Getting your bags to the airport involves a lot of lugging and lifting, compounded by the frustration of the impossible-to-steer luggage trolley once you arrive – if you can find the right coin to release one. End result, you arrive at check in out of breath and a little bit flustered. Not a good look.

It doesn’t have to be that way. At Gatwick and Heathrow you can now use our baggage delivery service. Your bags will be collected from your home (or office, or anywhere you choose), so you can step into the airport with just your hand luggage and stroll effortlessly past your fellow travellers as they struggle with heavily laden trolleys. Your bags will be delivered straight to the carousel at your destination airport.

We’ve partnered with AirPortr to launch this new baggage collection service. The optional service will be available for you to book direct via the Airportr website up to 24 hours before departure, with the latest pick up a minimum of 7 hours before your flight departure.

How it works

  • If you live within the Airportr catchment area you can pre-book and have your luggage collected.
  • AirPortr’s professional drivers collect the baggage from your home, office or another convenient location.
  • Your baggage is taken to the airport and checked in through the current check-in and security process. Buggies, car seats and sporting equipment can also be collected.
  • You’re then free to head off unencumbered on your travels. The service is currently available for baggage delivery on Virgin Atlantic operated flights from Heathrow and Gatwick airports.

If you’re arriving back at Heathrow or Gatwick you can also use the baggage delivery service to pick up your bags at the airport and deliver them back to your home. Prices start as low as £30 with options on pick-up slot times and multiple bags for families or people travelling with sporting equipment.

More details and FAQs can be found on the Airportr site.

Whatever your reasons for travelling there are few occasions where your trip can’t be made easier by using these services. And why not combine the two? Luggage collected from home while a limobike collects you from your London office? We know you’re busy, so your trip to the airport should be a great opportunity to relax, get in the zone for your travels or – if you have to – work. These services help you do just that.


Dave Gunner

Dave Gunner

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