The Scoop: Manchester Bragging Rights

By: Katie Manning

March 22, 2013

Manchester certainly isn’t short of accolades on the bragging rights front, with a long list of accomplishments in areas of history, culture, and the arts. Here’s a brief look at some of the people and achievements this fantastic city can claim as its own…

A City of Accomplishment

Manchester University

university of Manchester © Gene Hunt

When it comes to academic achievement Manchester has a lot to say. Not only has it produced 22 Nobel Prize winners, more than any other city, but the University of Manchester is also one of the country’s most respected learning institutions, as well as being the largest non-collegiate university in the UK. Boasting some pretty impressive alumni, including the Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Robert Bolt, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Blackadder co-writer Ben Elton, popular scientist Brian Cox and historian A.G.P. Taylor, the pool of talent here is pretty deep.

A Seat of History

Rolls Royce, Manchester

Rolls Royce © maikel_nai

Notable births in Manchester include the formidable former professional boxer Ricky Hatton MBE, rock star siblings Noel and Liam Gallagher, artist L.S. Lowry and suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst. Automobile fans will also be familiar with the city, or more specifically the Midland Hotel, as the place where a certain Charles Rolls and Frederik Royce first met back in 1904 – you can even see an original hand-built 1905 Rolls Royce at the Museum of Science and Industry.

Cultural Hub

Chetham Library, Manchester

Books in Chetham’s Library © BinaryApe

Manchester is home to one of the oldest public libraries in the English-speaking world: Chetham’s Library, founded in 1653, which includes treasures such as a first edition of Milton’s Paradise Lost (1667), a first edition of Newton’s Principia (1687) and the first printed (1514-17) and the first published (1516) Greek New Testaments. Friedrich Engels wrote “Condition of the Working Classes in England” in Manchester, and it was also the home of Karl Marx.


Katie Manning

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