Toe-tapping from take off to touchdown

By: Dave Gunner

January 3, 2019

While onboard a flight you might be feeling more emotional than usual (travel tends to do that), and you’ll definitely have a bit of time on your hands. In other words, it’s the perfect time to enjoy some great music, whether listening to your favourite tracks or, better still, discovering new sounds or even whole new genres. As an airline rooted in rock and roll, we understand this more than anyone. That’s why we spend a great deal of time choosing our boarding music and curating the selection on our in-flight entertainment system.

One of our favourite features is our ‘Virgin People’ playlist, where every month someone at the airline comes up with a list of songs to showcase onboard. The broad diversity of our people and their taste in music really shines through, so you can always find something new to listen to.  And while you’ll always be able to discover some amazing tracks to transport you around the world  – think liming in Tobago, chilling out by the pool in Florida or enjoying some African beats in Jo’berg – this month we’re commuting on a motorbike in the grey English winter to our training centre in West Sussex.

Dom Hodge

However, if the ride into Crawley is less than glamorous, the choice of music is certainly uplifting. For January’s Virgin People Playlist, our training design manager Dom Hodge has come up with a set of brilliant banging beats called ‘Bike Bobbing’, ordered by BPM so it builds in tempo as you progress.  “Next time you see a motorbike at traffic lights, see if their head is ‘bobbing’; it could be me!” says Dom. “This eclectic mix accompanies me on my bike daily, and is a great start to my day. Please enjoy it as much as I do!”

Keep up to date with our entertainment programme

Vera is our onboard monthly magazine which delves deep into the entertainment on your flight. Among other highlights this month you can read an exclusive interview with John Krasinski, meet Sons of Anarchy star David Labrava and find out how you can stay at some famous movie location hotels.

Virgin Atlantic Vera on Spotify

If you loved our boarding music or one of the tunes from our Virgin People playlist, head to our dedicated channel on Spotify to hear it again or discover more tracks like it. Just search for Virgin Atlantic Vera. You can revisit every playlist  – including Richard’s – and every track we’ve played during boarding for the last couple of years, as well as listen to destination specific tunes and some great interviews with people like Paloma Faith.

There’s loads of great music waiting to be discovered, so you’re sure to find something brand new to fall in love with.

Here are our Virgin People Playlists from 2018 

Get in the mood for one of those legendary Miami Beach pool parties with cabin crew Thomas Norman’s list of songs that sum up the essence of Magic City.

Tristan Dorian in our in-flight services delivery team put together a playlist that “represents my love of eclectic/progressive trance music and the more chord driven end of the genre”.

Louise Taw, an executive in our in-flight services supply chain went for emotional songs from musicals.

If you need help nodding off, Leon Trigg from our digital media channels team has put together a bedtime songs playlist that will ease you gently into a peaceful slumber.

An epic list of Eurovision song contest songs and winners was chosen by Andrew Smith from our in-flight services product supply chain.

Group Sales team member Rebecca Bentil has an interesting choice of new wave progressive music – Broken Beats. Expect plenty of jazz fusion, soul, funk, house & R’n’B.

Shiada Drysdale from our in-flight services operations picks some awesome country tunes.

Dave Molloy, a manager in our Loyalty programme, chose a mix of diverse songs from favourite artists he’s seen live.

If you’re into rock ‘n’ roll, kick back with a kick-ass selection by John Power, a stylist in our Heathrow Clubhouse .

Alternatively, Vickie Webb from our A350 team chooses a collection of chilled out tunes to relax with.

Our Clubhouse team created their playlist from songs that reflect the Clubhouse experience or have been sung live in the Clubhouse!

Alex Wheatley, one of our Inflight Services Food & Beverage Managers featured in December and combines some of the better Christmas tracks with great party tunes, but perhaps this is one you’ll want to put on hold for a few months now.

Dave Gunner

Dave Gunner

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