Tokyo City Photos: An Instagram Gallery

By: Chantelle Symester

July 28, 2014

As the world’s most populous metropolis city, Tokyo isn’t short of interesting sights to keep any keen tourist occupied. From the bustling urban streets of Ginza and Harajuku to the historical sites of the Senso-ji Temple, there’s a diverse spectrum of things to marvel at depending on your interests. And who better to reveal the beauty behind the chaos of Tokyo than the city’s most notable Instagrammers? Let these Tokyo city photos inspire your travels to the Japanese capital.

Elleanor Yamaguchi

Elleanor is a bilingual Japanese fashion stylist, model, and video blogger. When she isn’t traveling, Elleanor spends most of her life  – both for work and for fun – in Tokyo’s famously fashionable Harajuku neighbourhood.

Elleanor Yamaguchi | Tokyo City Photos

Playing dress up in traditional Kimonos and taking selfies in the city © Elleanor Yamaguchi


Tokyo Fashion

TokyoFashion is a Harajuku-based group of photographers and videographers who have a lot of fun keeping people around the world up to date on that latest Japanese street fashion trends.

Tokyo Fashion | Tokyo City Photos

The bright lights of Tokyo’s busy shopping districts © TokyoFashion



Azuma Suguru is a Tokyo based photographer and filmmaker obsessed with capturing everyday life on the streets of the city.

Airnude | Tokyo City Photos

Everyday life isn’t always filled with bustling streets and energetic activity © AirNude


Jean Snow

Jean Snow lives and breathes design, pop culture, and gaming in Tokyo. He’s also Executive Director of

Jean Snow | Tokyo City Photos

The attentive observer: taking a break and watching life pass by © Jean Snow


Paint With Stars

Lisa of Paint With Stars is a fashion and portrait photographer and blogger from California, who flew to Japan in 2009 and has been there ever since. She currently lives in Tokyo.

Paintwithstars | Tokyo City Photos

Tokyo is filled with color, especially in these snaps of Ueno streets and a sunset Ferris wheel © paintwithstars


Takuya Shima

Takuya Shima is a photographer/video editor based in Tokyo whose portfolio covers the realms of fashion and art, which is informed and influenced by Japan’s rich and diverse culture.

Takuya | Tokyo City Photos

Enjoy and embrace the diverse urban landscape of the capital © Shima Photography


Tokyo Reporter

The Tokyo Reporter offers a peek at some of the darker slices of life in Japan’s capital.

Tokyo Reporter | Tokyo City Photos

On the streets of Shinjuku Chuo Koen and Asakusa © Tokyo Reporter

Shoot Tokyo

David Powell is an American photographer and avid blogger.  You can see more of his photos of Tokyo and his travels across the globe on his Instagram or on his blog ShootTokyo.

Dave Powell | Tokyo City Photos

Dave Powell snaps a a beautiful Geisha and a stunning skyline view of the city © ShootTokyo


Tomoyasu Koyanagi

Tomoyasu Koyanagi shoots interesting angles of the city only using his iPhone and documents the results on his popular Instagram profile, give him a follow to keep up to date.

Tomoyasu | Tokyo City Photos

The sky and the streets offer two very unique perspectives of Tokyo © Tomoyasu Koyanagi


Shun Watanabe

Shun Watanabe is a Fashion Editor/Stylist based in Tokyo, his instagram charts all his favourite people and places, and the exciting travel adventures that take him around the world.

Shun Watanabe | Tokyo City Photos

A few of Shun’s favourite things in Tokyo: birds eye view of Mt Fuji from the plane and the stunning Kanda Shrine © Shun Watanabe


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Have you got any inspiring Tokyo City photos to share from your Instagram or blog? Share in the comments section below.

Written by Chantelle Symester


Chantelle Symester

Chantelle Symester is a writer and editor based in London. When she’s not chained to her laptop working she can be found hopping on a plane to far flung places across the globe. Trips so far include adventures to Mexico, South America and North Africa and she now has her heart set on discovering the East. You can find her @csymester

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