The top New York fitness classes

By: Natacha Tonissoo

April 29, 2016

From Barry’s Bootcamp to FlyWheel and CrossFit, New York fitness is always ahead of the curve. Always thinking of innovative ways to squeeze new regimes and classes into the city’s confined spaces, this is the place where fitness trends are born and grow. With so much on offer, we take a look at the speciality gym classes that are keeping New Yorkers in shape.


New York fitness classes | SoulCycle
SoulCycle studio in NYC © SoulCycle


When it launched back in 2006, SoulCycle transformed the indoor-cycling industry. Today, it continues to push the boundaries. Once you’ve clipped onto your bike in a studio crammed with around 50+ cutting-edge bikes, you’re on your way to getting lost in the darkness of the studio, accompanied by fast paced music played by a lycra-clad instructor (with the word ‘warrior’ emblazoned on their sweatshirt), and the energy of a loyal pack of “Soul rockstars”. The experience is an exhilarating blend of nightclub dance-off and hard-core spinning, perfect for the ultimate full-body workout.

Mile High Run Club

New York fitness classes | Mile High Run Club
Mile High Run Club in NoMad © Brad Barket


The MHRC is the first dedicated studio to running, giving the oft-tedious treadmill workout a renewed lease of life. The studios are fresh and spacious, bound to lure in even the least likely gym-goer. The classes, set to upbeat music and almost spa-like lighting, are led by sprightly, motivating yet unintimidating coaches who provide a high-intensity interval workout combining sprints, endurance training and body strengthening exercises. Here, runners can really focus on improving their technique and overall body strength.


New York fitness classes | CrossFit
CrossFit NYC © Mead Jackson


Possibly the world’s biggest fitness trend, CrossFit has taken off in a big way. In NYC’s CrossFit Boxes (code for CrossFit Gyms), the coaches aim to work the entire body through high-intensity short interval sessions, combining cardio and body strengthening exercises. No 90-minute class is ever the same, continually mixing it up to give variation. After just a 10-minute interval doing kettlebells, burpees and squats, you’ll really feel you’re accomplishing your fitness gaols.


New York fitness classes | Flywheel
Flywheel stadium © Flywheel


Combining house music, motivation and athleticism, Flywheel is known for its high-tech approach to its workouts. In Flywheel’s airy, state-of-the-art “stadiums”, cyclists can track their progress, speed and personalise their goals through a small computer screen attached to each bike. It offers a complete workout and new classes have been introduced – such as FlyBarre, a total-body sculpting workout off the saddle – so that riders can enjoy more variation and a workout that supplements competitive cycling.

Barry’s Bootcamp

New York fitness classes | Barry's Bootcamp
Barry’s Bootcamp class © Barry’s Bootcamp


Promising to be the best workout in the world, burning 1000 calories in the hour-long class, Barry’s Bootcamp sessions (much like their gyms) are gritty, fun, loud, sweaty, aggressive, and yes, effective. No doubt BB provides a super high octane class that pushes you out of your comfort zone, starting with a 15-minute treadmill workout, jumping onto the gym floor to do squats, push-ups, weights, planks – you name it – and swiftly back onto the treadmill for another series of sprints. Regularly high-fiving your sweaty buddy after short exercises, is also part of the fun.

Virgin Atlantic operates multiple daily flights from London to New York, bringing these fitness classes within easy reach.

Have you tried any of these New York fitness classes? How to do keep fit in NYC? Let us know in the comments section below.


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