Little Red Passengers Enjoy a Beat-Boxing Santa and Festive Choir at 30,000 Feet

If you were flying on Little Red routes over the weekend you may well have been one of the Virgin Atlantic Little Red passengers treated to some extra special festive in-flight entertainment. Virgin Atlantic Little Red LIVE launched in August when a series of Little … Continue reading
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From Dolphins to Red Deer: Incredible Aberdeen Wildlife

Anyone who caught Disney Pixar’s ridiculously successful movie Brave will understand why filmmakers used much of the Highlands of Scotland as a blueprint for their mystical setting. In parts lush and green, in others mysterious and barren, the story of this flame-haired princess used the … Continue reading
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Going Underground: Where to Find the Best Concerts in Aberdeen

The Granite City might not be the most obvious pit stop in Scotland for a thriving music scene, but chip away at the surface and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find here – from great hangouts to forward-thinking festivals. Since opening in early 2005, … Continue reading
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Aberdeen: Make Like a Royal

Whether it’s Disney Pixar’s flame-haired princess in Brave or the mystical adventures in Neil Gaiman’s fantasy romp Stardust, the Scottish Highlands’ majestic landscapes and royal roots have inspired many a silver screen swash-buckler. Off screen, the reality is no less colourful for the visitor in … Continue reading
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Culinary Genius: Aberdeen’s Organic Offerings

With its bustling harbour and busy port, Aberdeen is a prime spot for fish lovers looking for daily catch from the North Sea and first class shellfish from Scotland’s surrounding islands. Back on land, the city’s rolling Highland hills offer fertile ground for organic, grass-fed cattle, … Continue reading
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Active Aberdeen: A Surfer’s Paradise

Aberdeen Harbour Wall, Granite Reef Aberdeen © Wilkie   Granted, Scotland’s nefarious (read: oft chilly) climate doesn’t make it the most obvious shout for surf lovers. But Aberdeen – and the Northeast generally – is a top spot for those hoping to catch a few waves, … Continue reading
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