Visiting the Western Cape: Hotel Mont Rochelle

When the light is just right – usually early mornings or at dusk – the winegrowing Franschhoek Valley, about an hour from Cape Town, attains a near-mystical quality. Its vineyards shimmer as if dusted with gold, the surrounding mountains set against a dramatic blue-and-orange sky. Its name … Continue reading

Wine & Whale Watching in Hermanus

Each year, some 2,000-or-so southern right whales migrate from their Antarctic feeding grounds, and head for warmer waters along the southern Cape’s Atlantic coastline to breed and nurse their young. They especially fancy mating and calving in the series of sheltered, deep-water bays of the … Continue reading
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The Greatest Swimming Pools in the World

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the next Michael Phelps or can only muster a poor excuse for a doggy paddle, these world class pools – complete with spectacular views, high-spec features and insanely beautiful surrounds – will make you want to throw on your swimsuit … Continue reading
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South Africa’s Best Luxury Game Lodges

Options for safari accommodation in South Africa are virtually limitless, ranging from ultra-sumptuous luxury right the way through to overnight on-foot wilderness expeditions, where you sleep on the ground under the stars. Here we select a few unforgettable luxury game lodges where you’ll be pampered … Continue reading
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South African Fashion: An Insider’s Guide

  There’s no better way of observing the influences and cultural trends of a country than through its fashion and style purveyors. Bloggers Anthony Bila of The Expressionist and Sheri Lee Greenway of SAFashiongirl know the vibrant South African fashion scene like no other. Here … Continue reading
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How to go Swimming with Penguins in Cape Town

  Bestowing Cape Town with its sublime beauty is the proximity of its built environments to such vast swaths of natural wilderness. Plus, there’s a pristine ocean curling around craggy headlands and boulder-strewn beaches. One of the must-do day-trips out of the city is a … Continue reading

Getting Physical: Cape Town’s Sporting Challenges

Known for its ritzy beaches and effervescent party culture, fitness-obsessed Cape Town also hosts some of the world’s once-in-a-lifetime sporting challenges, and is ground zero for a number of water-based activities that are worth travelling for. Cycling tour © Digital Vision/Digital Vision/Thinkstock   The 109km … Continue reading