Cuba’s creative hubs: Inside the Havana art scene

There’s no doubt that vintage cars and music bars have stood fast on the tourist checklist, but due to Cuba’s recent art boom, artistic honey pots are now forming behind the old world glamour. Tucked away within gritty industrial factories, intimate studios and the homes … Continue reading

10 of the Best Paladares in Havana

Until recently, running a restaurant in Havana wasn’t just a business decision – it was almost an act of sedition. Since the 1960s, the primary venue for dinners out were state-run restaurants which weren’t exactly at the cutting-edge of culinary innovation. So, restaurants started opening up in … Continue reading
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Where to Dance Salsa in Havana

One of the world’s most vibrant salsa-dancing destinations, Havana is the perfect place to party the night away. Cuba’s largest city – with over two million residents – offers the liveliest, most energetic salsa clubs on the planet (with some of the best rum you’re ever likely to try). Here’s our … Continue reading

Beyond Havana: Exploring the Viales Valley

Viales Valley © Tupungato/iStock/Thinkstock   Over a hundred miles from Havana, on the Western edge of the Cuban mainland, lies one of the most beguiling places in the Caribbean. The Viales Valley has ancient heritage – its striking landscape dates back to the Jurassic Period, … Continue reading
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An Aficionado’s Guide to Cigars in Havana

  Woven into the very fabric of Cuban life and tradition is the age-old art of cigar making (and smoking, if you’re that way inclined). Although other places have tried to rival the high standards of the Cuban cigar, they somehow fall short, making the … Continue reading
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