In Search of the Fastest Flying Human: An Interview with Wingsuiter James Boole

One of the world’s most dangerous sports, wingsuiting brings new meaning to the term “extreme”. Strapped into an inflatable suit, divers launch themselves from incredible heights, inflating their life jackets at the last possible moment. Award winning wingsuiter, skydiver and BASE jumper, James Boole is … Continue reading

New Hotels Opening in Dubai in 2015

Having secured the bid to host World Expo 2020, big things are on the horizon for Dubai. The six-month run will be the first time the event has ever taken place in the Middle East, and will also kick off the country’s Golden Jubilee anniversary … Continue reading
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Extravagant Pampering: The Most Luxurious Spa Treatments in Dubai

Hop on a flight to Dubai and you’ll realise within seconds of landing there are really no limits on luxury in this gulf city. Hardly a surprise considering Dubai’s reputation as an economic hub, and it’s particularly true in the rest and relaxation department – … Continue reading