Exploring Japanese culture in Hawaii

The thread of Japanese culture has been woven tightly into the cultural life and heritage of Hawaii (Honolulu, in particular) since the first generation of Japanese immigrants made their way to the island in the 1800s. Today, thanks to the area’s incredible array of restaurants … Continue reading

10 of the Best Luxury Hotel Suites in the US

Hundreds of square metres of space. Round-the-clock butler service. Private terraces. Jaw-dropping views. At the top luxury hotel suites in the US, these aren’t even the highlights – they’re only some of the truly sumptuous amenities on offer. Of course, these are certainly wallet-opening stays … Continue reading
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Discover Molokai: The Kalaupapa Peninsula

Ask any local that resides in Hawaii where they go to unplug and inevitably their answer will be Molokai. Located on the northeast end of the shallow channel that separates Maui, Kahoolawe and Lanai, Molokai is a 670 square kilometre island (almost rectangular in shape) … Continue reading