Nigerian Literature: A Lagos Reading List

Nigeria’s cosmopolitan capital, Lagos, is an exuberant display of chaos and culture, rich traditions and and inspired modernity. Its vibrant arts scene makes it one of the most fascinating cities on the African continent, and its literature remains a source of cultural revelation, displaying the … Continue reading
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Get Your Fela On: A Fela Kuti Playlist

Musician, composer, human rights activist, political maverick”¦ these are all well fitting titles for Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the man who (albeit not alone) put Nigeria’s Afrobeat music on the global map. So unique and far reaching was, and is, his distinctive fusion of American funk, … Continue reading

The New Nigerian Culture: Contemporary Art in Lagos

From visual art and performance to digital photography, Lagos is a city that’s reshaping its artistic story. Check out some of the city’s creative venues to find out where to go and what to see in this highly dynamic African metropolis. Here are just a … Continue reading
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Our Favourite Lagos Films

Nigeria’s largest city, Lagos is a densely populated hub of activity from dawn until dusk. We love its jam-packed markets, restaurants and bars and its incredible live music scene. Take a tour of the city with our hand picked selection of Lagos videos. “The Eyo … Continue reading
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Once in a Lifetime: Lagos

Lagos Skyline © Jumoke-Sanwo Lagos is a city like no other we’ve experienced. With a population larger than London and New York, it is truly a “˜mega-city’, and the commercial centre of Nigeria. Our memories of these Lagos experiences will last a lifetime, and we’re … Continue reading
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