Where to go cycling in the Caribbean

From gentle family cycling trips, pedal-pounding biking tours and fun-filled cycling excursions to thrilling mountain bike adventures through bird-filled rainforests, there are plenty of scenic places to go cycling in the Caribbean. Many of the best beaches in the Caribbean can by reached by bike © … Continue reading
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UNESCO treasures of the Caribbean

With its jaw-dropping natural wonders, fascinating cultural heritage, and stunning archaeological and architectural sites, the treasures of the Caribbean are many and varied. Take a look at our guide to UNESCO in the Caribbean for the must-see locations. Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua © Antigua Tourist … Continue reading
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Exploring St Lucia’s Marigot Bay

Acclaimed American novelist James A Michener famously described it as “the most beautiful bay in the Caribbean” and picturesque Marigot Bay on the western coast of St Lucia mores than lives up to the hype. Just twenty minutes south of Castries, the island’s capital, the secluded white sand cove … Continue reading

Calypso: The Music of St Lucia

Music, especially calypso, provides a soundtrack to the lives of most St Lucians, so entrenched is it in every aspect of daily life. Every joy, love, laughter and family milestone is celebrated in calypso with society’s weightier issues critiqued in its offbeat commentary. Though it … Continue reading

Romantic Places To Propose in the Caribbean

Nowhere in the world has the seductive allure and Cupid-factor of the palm-fringed isles of the tropics. Every marriage proposal should have a romantic backstory as utterly unique and special as the couples themselves. How and where it takes place, and the element of surprise … Continue reading
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The Best Caribbean Islands For Kids

There’s LOADS of fun stuff for youngsters visiting the Caribbean to do while mum and dad are flopped out on the beach, from seaside safaris and kids’ clubs to and all sorts of child-friendly water-sports. Here are a few ideas to get you started in our … Continue reading
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Caribbean Voodoo

Superstitions, age-old magic and spirit-driven beliefs are common throughout the Caribbean region, where ancient old wives’ tales continue to thrive today. Customs and traditions are staunchly held on to within each Caribbean island with mysterious folkloric stories and fairytales playing a part in modern society. Witchcraft, sorcery, … Continue reading
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