Surprising holiday destinations for summer 2016

As beautiful as Europe might be in July, there’s no reason to spend every summer on the Costa del Sol. From the colourful, palm-lined shores of Antigua and Barbuda to the spectacular mountain scenery of northern Japan, the Crystal Coast of North Carolina to the … Continue reading
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Exploring Tokyo’s Tsukiji Fish Market

It’s no surprise that eager tourists from all over the world flock to Tokyo‘s Tsukiji Fish Market. Its popularity has undoubtedly increased due to the raising awareness and appetite for traditional Japanese cuisine across the globe, and for those wishing to experience a real slice … Continue reading

Tokyo City Photos: An Instagram Gallery

As the world’s most populous metropolis city, Tokyo isn’t short of interesting sights to keep any keen tourist occupied. From the bustling urban streets of Ginza and Harajuku to the historical sites of the Senso-ji Temple, there’s a diverse spectrum of things to marvel at … Continue reading
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Where to Stay in Tokyo: Japan’s Quirkiest Hotels

Tokyo is many things – sprawling, overwhelming, totally captivating – and few would argue that it’s also one of the world’s quirkiest places. The city’s offbeat nature extends, as well, to its hotels. For the traveller seeking a place to stay that exemplifies the city’s … Continue reading

On Location Japan: Movies Set in Tokyo

On film, Tokyo is an eternally beguiling palimpsest. Some directors hone in on its neon lights and hordes of traffic, which melt watercolour-like in front of the camera. Other movies capture Tokyo as a dark and grimy warren of alleyways and offices, overpopulated and bristling … Continue reading
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Fly to the Movies with Virgin Atlantic

If you’re flying with us during November and December, we’ve got another sparkling line-up of inflight entertainment planned – including a winning selection of movies that make us want to instantly pack our suitcase and head for more exciting locales.    And how about you? Are … Continue reading
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Between Meetings: 10 Things To Do in Tokyo in an Hour

  Though the idea of travelling to Tokyo on business may evoke shades of Lost in Translation, short-term visitors shouldn’t feel dissuaded from exploring the Asian megalopolis. Its scale may be huge, but many of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks are conveniently located near to its … Continue reading
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