Surprising holiday destinations for summer 2016

As beautiful as Europe might be in July, there’s no reason to spend every summer on the Costa del Sol. From the colourful, palm-lined shores of Antigua and Barbuda to the spectacular mountain scenery of northern Japan, the Crystal Coast of North Carolina to the … Continue reading
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The Best Restaurants on Vancouver Island

  Vancouver Island, a 90-minute ferry ride from the city of Vancouver, is two-thirds the size of the UK but boasts a diverse landscape that ranges from mountains to beaches to rainforest, and locavore restaurants that span everything from food trucks to fine dining.Here’s our … Continue reading

Heli-hiking: Adventure Trekking in British Columbia

Don’t be offended if someone tells you to take a hike when you’re in Vancouver – exploring the city’s beautiful backyard is a favourite weekend activity in British Columbia, especially when the snow begins to melt on the mountains and the wild flowers start to … Continue reading