Underground Miami Art Galleries

By: Katie Manning

June 5, 2013

The innovative art scene of Miami is known the world over thanks to the popularity of its yearly winter edition of Art Basel in Miami Beach, with art galleries almost literally around every corner – especially in the Wynwood Arts District. Apart from the most well known, however, there is a hub of ‘underground’ spaces where contemporary art is flourishing behind closed doors – and all it takes is a quick flight to Miami to uncover the best Miami art galleries for yourself.

Gallery Diet, Miami

Neiman Marcus Exhibition © Gallery Diet.jpg

Nieman Marcus exhibition © Gallery Diet

Located in the Wynwood District of the city and owned by Nina Johnson-Milewski, Gallery Diet brings a retro feel to the Miami art scene, exhibiting new and emerging artists from around the world. Since its inception in 2007, the gallery has produced over 30 solo and group exhibitions – the likes of Charley Friedman, Fabienne Lasserre, Nicolas Lobo and Abby Manock have all at one point called Gallery Diet their home. Exhibitions range from installations to works on paper but you can be sure there’s always something interesting to see – you just have to ring the bell to gain entry”¦

Gallery Diet, 174 NW 23rd Street, Miami

6th Street Container, Miami

6th Street Container | Miami

Dogan Arslanoglu Exhibition © 6th Street Container

Shunning the trend of commercial premises in which many art galleries in Miami reside, 6th Street Container retains a certain boho chic in its off-beat location in the heart of the city’s Little Havana – with neighbours including a barbershop, tattoo parlour and a bakery. Chief curator Adalberto Delgado and director Maria Amores organise monthly shows featuring experimental filmmakers, video, photographers and installation artists, cementing – after only a few short years of business – their provocative, unexpected and exciting reputation in the art arena of Miami.

6th Street Container, 1155 (rear) SW 6th Street, Miami

locust projects, Miami

locust projects | Miami

Art Tour © locust projects

Contemporary visual artists find a safe haven at locust projects, a non-profit exhibition space in which the traditional pressures of gallery sales or space limitations are totally removed, allowing the freedom of new ideas and encouraging site-specific installations. Above all, this is a welcoming area for both the artist and the aficionado, where conversations between the two are regular and encouraged.

locust projects, 3852 North Miami Avenue, Miami

Artisan Lounge, Miami

Artisan Lounge | Miami

Creativity Can Change Lives © Artisan Lounge

Both emerging and seasoned professional artists are welcomed at the Artisan Lounge, a new and innovative studio with a total of 26 spaces, 3 gallery areas and 2 artist lounges – all naturally lit. Connected to one of the oldest, most beautiful church buildings in Miami, not only has the Artisan Lounge got an absolutely fascinating location, but the resident artists such as Augusto Esquivel, Sol Gersh, Giselle Delgado Buraye and Toa Castellanos all work together to keep the spaces collaborative and consistently exciting.

Artisan Lounge, 500 NE 1st Ave Miami

Buzzart Gallery, Miami

Buzzart | Miami

Juan Carlos Alom Exhibition © Buzzart Gallery

Opening in October of 2012, Buzzart Gallery is very much the new kid on the block of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. Its speciality is Latin American and Spanish photography and if their opening exhibition by Juan Carlos Alom – a prominent Cuban photographer and experimental filmmaker – is anything to go by, Buzzart Gallery is sure to become a city favourite in no time.

Buzzart Gallery, Wynwood Building booth 6, Miami

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