Virgin Atlantic and Delta: Great Minds Fly Alike

By: Maxine Sheppard

June 25, 2013

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Great news. The beginnings of our new partnership with Delta Air Lines have started taking shape, with our new codeshare agreement.  What it means for you is we can now offer easy connections from the UK to 45 new North American gateways.

The details of our codeshare agreement, also coincides with Delta acquiring a 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic Airways. This announcement marks the next step towards a full joint venture between both airlines.

If you’re a Flying Club member, you’ll now earn miles on every Delta flight you take, anywhere in the world.  You can now spend your miles on Delta flights too. So, with their huge list of destinations, the world is now seriously your oyster.


45 new North American gateways

You can now fly Virgin Atlantic via London to the US, then easily connect with a Delta flight to cities like Indianapolis, Columbus, Seattle or San Diego.

Direct connections

Need to get to Atlanta, Detroit or Minneapolis? You can now buy direct Delta flights to these cities from London through our website, and you’ll earn Flying Club miles all the way. There’s a Delta flight direct from Manchester to Atlanta too.

What’s in it for you?

You can connect to more US gateways than ever before and if you’re flying to New York JFK or Boston, we’re offering you the Delta flights to these cities too, giving you even greater choice and flexibility.

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Seattle skyline © Maxine Sheppard

Flying Club benefits

You can now earn Flying Club miles on any Delta flight making it even easier to redeem awards. If you’re flying Upper Class you’ll enjoy access to Delta Sky Priority services and Sky Clubs when connecting from or to a Virgin Atlantic flight.

Seamless service

Book your entire itinerary with one ticket, and your bags will be checked through to your final destination.

Delta routes

Our partnership with Delta means we can connect you to and from a wide range of destinations across the United States. See Delta network maps.


Maxine Sheppard

Maxine is the co-editor of the Virgin Atlantic blog. Travel and music are her joint first loves, and despite having written for Virgin for more years than she cares to remember she still loves nothing more than jumping on a plane in search of new sights and new sounds.