Virgin Atlantic Shows Stripes with Where’s Wally? Aircraft

By: Maxine Sheppard

March 5, 2013

Where's Wally.jpg

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Where’s Wally?, the adventurous global traveller is appearing alongside our ‘flying lady’ on the side of a Boeing 747 aircraft.


Wally Watchers and plane spotters can find the design proudly displayed on the jet ‘Barbarella’ for a year as she flies between the UK, US and Caribbean.


Even Virgin Atlantic’s President Sir Richard Branson got in on the act and dressed up as Wally in celebration of the anniversary.



The inaugural flights lifts off on 5th March 2013 at 09:45 from London Gatwick and will arrive in St. Lucia at 14:35 local time. Passengers onboard will receive special Where’s Wally? goodies including masks, books and postcards.


Join the fun and use the dedicated Where’s Wally? app on the Virgin Atlantic Facebook page to search for this very special plane as it roams the transatlantic skies.


Where's Wally Virgin Atlantic.jpg

Visit Virgin Atlantic’s Facebook page to follow the special Where’s Wally? aircraft

Maxine Sheppard

Maxine is the co-editor of the Virgin Atlantic blog. Travel and music are her joint first loves, and despite having written for Virgin for more years than she cares to remember she still loves nothing more than jumping on a plane in search of new sights and new sounds.

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