Virgin Atlantic stars in new California: Innovation Nation documentary

By: Virgin Atlantic

January 17, 2019

San Diego, California © Shutterstock

San Diego, California © Shutterstock

California. The Golden State. A home for free thinkers, do-gooders and rule breakers. Our founder Richard Branson believes in all these things, and as an airline operating several flights to the state each day, we’re delighted to be featured in the new two-part mini series, California: Innovation Nation. The documentary looks at how the state of California has become such a breeding ground for innovation and why it attracts the best and brightest from around the world.

California has a well established tradition of re-invention and pushing boundaries, while always asking ‘how can we improve?’ and ‘how can we change things?’. It’s known for its pioneering tech companies and achievements, but it’s also leading a revolution in other areas, from food to mindfulness to ecology.

This series sets out to discover where this endless drive to innovate comes from, highlighting some of the state’s most radical influencers along the way. Part travelogue, part social documentary, it weaves history and culture in an enlightening journey through California’s past, present and future.

California: Innovation Nation, a two-part mini series

Episode 1 – Hula Hoop to Hyperloop: Garage Inventions

The first episode is all about California’s spirit of innovation – where it comes from and what drives it. It looks at how many of California’s major brands, companies and innovators started off in garages – from Disney to Amazon – and looks at the current ethos of ‘garage innovation’, from the worlds of art and culture to surfing and the future of travel.

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Episode 2 – The dream is dead: Long live the dream

California is one of the most progressive places on earth, and has always started conversations about the big questions in society. Episode 2 frames the state’s heritage of ‘alternative thinking’ through its rich history of counter-culture, and looks at how that has informed cyberspace and California’s mindset. We meet some key innovators in the spheres of mindfulness and food production, as well as the innovators leading the self-help scene.

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