Virgin Valentines: Long distance love and a tattoo to seal the deal

By: Virgin Atlantic

February 14, 2019

Subash Patrick Tattoo

Stuck for a way to prove your love this Valentine’s Day? How about getting a meaningful tattoo like our former cabin crew member Patrick O Connor? We love a good aviation-themed romance, so when we came across this particular little story we couldn’t resist sharing.

Now firmly settled in Washington DC, Patrick and his husband Subash Ram both work in the spa industry. But before they met, Patrick was jetting around the world living the high life as a member of Virgin Atlantic cabin crew. Little did he know that one day – after working the VS021 flight to Washington – his life was about to take a different turn.

Subash takes up the story:

“I’ve always had a very special place in my heart for Virgin Atlantic. Being a bit of a plane geek anyway, I loved the airline industry and everything airline related. But I never thought I would end up marrying a man who used to work for Virgin Atlantic.

“Patrick and I met 14 years ago. He was a Virgin cabin crew member and came into DC on a night stop. We met in my local bar and hit it off, and it just so happened his very next trip was another DC flight so we arranged to go to dinner. We exchanged numbers that night and he told me he would call me the next day from London and I thought “he won’t call me”, but he did! And he’s been calling me ever since.”

“I didn’t intend getting into a long distance relationship,” Patrick adds. “But the night I met Subash he was wearing a baseball cap with the Virgin logo on it and I asked him if he worked for the company, and that’s when we hit it off!”

Subash continues: “We did the long distance thing for almost 12 years and just over two years ago Patrick was faced with the tough decision to stop working for Virgin Atlantic and move to DC. I hope he doesn’t regret it too much because I know he loved his job!

“We got married four years ago but both myself and Patrick hold Virgin very dear to our hearts. The VS021 is the reason I know and love him. The VS021 is what always brought him to me. The VS021 will always be my favourite flight.

“Now Patrick has told me that he will be getting the VS022 tattoo to match it, so I’ll be sure to send you the picture as an update!”

Want to start your own VS021 love story? Virgin Atlantic operates a daily flight to Washington DC from London Heathrow, so book your trip today. You never know what might happen…

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