Visiting Niagara Falls from Buffalo

By: Chantelle Symester

November 5, 2014

A quick Google image search will confirm why millions flock to the Niagara Falls each year. If you plan on joining them, Buffalo is the perfect place to begin your journey. Explore the American side of Niagara Falls from Buffalo on your next New York State adventure.
Maid of Mist at Niagara Falls State Park | American side of Niagara Falls
Aerial view of the Maid of Mist © NYSDED. Photo by Darren McGee

As America’s oldest state park, Niagara Falls State Park remains a popular thoroughfare for visitors seeking awe-inspiring vistas, natural splendour and plenty of outdoor activities. While you may be familiar with the famous Niagara Falls Maid of Mist cruise and Cave of Winds tour, the Buffalo Niagara region has plenty of other tremendous attractions to behold.

The views on the ground at the Falls are pretty awe-inspiring, but if you’re looking for a different vantage point, hit the skies on a helicopter tour and prepare yourself for an eye-opener you’ll never forget. Book a tour with Rainbow Air and enjoy the surreal panoramic spectacles of the Niagara and Horseshoe Falls from way up in the clouds.

American Niagara Falls at night | American side of Niagara Falls
The falls illuminated in coloured light adds a whole new dimension © Derek Hatfield/Flickr

When you’re back on solid ground it’s worth paying a visit to the 18th century Old Fort Niagara. Walking through the collection of historical buildings as the Native American, French and American troops did during the 18th, 19th and 20th century, you’ll learn all about what life was like on the Niagara Frontier. If you can, try and catch a dramatic re-enactment of the struggles that ensued over 300 years ago, leading to the birth of the United States and Canada as we now know it today. Throughout the year there are also numerous special events, such as the forthcoming tour of the French castle by candlelight.

The Old Fort | American side of Niagara Falls
Watch re-enactments at the Old Fort Niagara set in the French & Indian War encampments © NYSDED. Photo by Darren McGee

Interactive displays, a towering rock climbing wall and a multi-screen theatre at Niagara Gorge Discovery Center make it a great springboard for learning about Niagara’s fascinating eco infrastructure. It is also the best place for keen hikers to start exploring a variety of multi-level trails that pass through some of the most scenic routes encompassing the Falls and the river gorge.

The Niagara Power Vista Center puts a scientific spin on the Falls through a collection of interactive exhibits that both adults and kids will find fascinating. Located a short distance from Buffalo, the centre is a reminder of Niagara’s pivotal environmental importance as a natural source of energy and, of course its natural beauty, which should be enjoyed from the 350-foot deck at the Center overlooking the Niagara River Gorge.

Niagara Wine Trail | American side of Niagara Falls
Try some award-winning wines on the Niagara Wine Trail © Niagara Wine Trail

Strictly for the adults and situated just minutes from Niagara Falls and Buffalo city centre, is one of the country’s best up-and-coming wine regions, alongside the nearby Finger Lakes area. Over the last few years the American Niagara Wine Trail has become an increasingly popular stop off for wine-lovers. The optimum microclimate is ideal for growing a range of grape varieties, including Riesling and Pinot Noir, which provides the area with an abundance of world-class wines. Pick up a Niagara Wine Trail Vino Visa Passport for $30, which entitles you to free tastings, promotions and coupons at many of the local wineries. Guzzle your way through the best of the region’s bounty at one of many local wine tasting tours, or opt to spend an afternoon at A Gust of Sun winery and try their famous wine and chocolate pairings.

Header image: American Falls © Fabio Bernardi/iStock/Thinkstock

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Written by Chantelle Symester


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