Virgin Atlantic Celebrates Take Your Kids to Work Day with a Five-Year Old’s Trip to London

By: Virgin Atlantic USA

April 25, 2018

Virgin Atlantic is celebrating Take Your Kids to Work Day by inviting travellers to experience a business trip through the eyes of five-year-old Lulu. Virgin captured the memorable journey of Lulu and her mom, a frequent business traveller, as they embarked on a business trip to London.

“Virgin Atlantic believes business is an epic adventure and we wanted to bring that to life by showing the experience of a business trip through the eyes of a child,” said Jenna Lloyd, Head of Marketing and Communications, North America, Virgin Atlantic. “According to research we conducted last year, we know 3 out of 4 international flyers see business travel the way Lulu does, it’s an adventure, an exciting opportunity to explore new places and meet new people. We wanted to invite the 25% to rekindle their adventure and remember how stimulating business travel can be.”

If you are short on time, we would love to suggest some fun side trips to take. London is one of the world’s greatest cities and you can achieve a surprising amount in one day. Take in a couple of the museums or art galleries, enjoy afternoon tea at one of the worlds most famous hotels or soak up the history and sights of the city with a stroll along the South Bank. There are a number of great sightseeing walks that take in many of the cities landmarks.  You can get around London quickly and easily on the underground but even better is to take the double-decker buses. The top deck give you a great view of day to day life in the capital. Trips down the Thames on the riverboats are reasonably priced and give you really wonderful views of the city. Disembark at London Bridge and take a trip to the top of the Shard for the very best view. For more ideas so some of our other London blog posts:

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