Wearable Travel Tech: Seven Travel Gadgets to Invest In This Year

By: Claire Bullen

January 22, 2014

In our increasingly tech-dependent world, one way to ensure your next holiday goes smoothly is by packing the right gadget. Whether you’re booking a short-term city break or a backpacking trek through remote climes, these seven travel gadgets, most of which are debuting this year, will help you along the way.


1) Sleep Cycle App


2014 Travel Gadgets | Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle helps weary travellers sort out their sleeping schedules © Sleep Cycle


Suffering disorientation and lack of sleep due to jetlag is certainly one of the less pleasant aspects of travel. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Sleep Cycle App, currently available in the App Store, helps track your sleep cycles. Its alarm will wake you up during a light sleep phase, to ensure you’re well rested upon rising.


2) Samsung Galaxy Gear


2014 Travel Gadgets | Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear is a helpful new piece of wearable tech © Samsung


2014 is the year that wearable tech is poised to explode, and Samsung Galaxy Gear is set to lead the way. The watch connects to your smartphone, and lets users answer calls from their wrists, provides notifications, and even takes photos, in addition to serving as an alarm, weather app, and more. It’s simply one of the easiest and most lightweight ways to stay in touch and informed while on your travels.


3) Google Glass + Travel Apps


2014 Travel Gadgets | Google Glass

Google Glass is set to hugely tranform travellers’ experiences © Giuseppe Constantino


Though Google has yet to name a definitive release date, its hugely hyped Glass is expected to reach consumers in a matter of months. And for travellers, it looks set to become an essential piece of technology. Between apps like Google Translate and Word Lens (which translates visual signs and other examples of printed language), as well as Field Trip, an app that gives users a virtual tour of their surroundings, travellers have never been so well equipped.


4) Triposo’s Travel Belt


2014 Travel Gadgets | Triposo Travel Belt

Triposo’s Travel Belt will provide an easier GPS solution © A.Mijatovic/Zoonar/Thinkstock


Worried about feeling lost in a new city, especially if you aren’t one of those wanderers gifted with an airtight sense of direction? Enter Triposo‘s Travel Belt. Though it’s currently in the prototype stage, development is in the works. Designed to hook up to Triposo’s guides, the belt vibrates in one of four directions to guide you to your next destination. No more staring at your smartphone or wrestling with folding maps.


5) JUNE Bracelet by Netatmo


2014 Travel Gadgets | JUNE Bracelet

Netatmo’s JUNE Bracelet helps wearers keep track of their sun exposure © Netatmo


Heading to sunny climes? While it’s tempting to soak up as many rays as possible, don’t forget that your skin needs care and protection too. The new JUNE Bracelet, produced by Netatmo, is designed to keep tabs on your sun intake. When you’ve gotten too much, or when it’s time to reapply sun cream, put on a hat, or pop on those sunglasses, the bracelet will notify you. The pretty product can also be worn as a brooch, and will be released this spring.


6) Sony FDR-AX100 4K Handycam Camcorder


2014 Travel Gadgets | Sony 4X Camcorder

Sony’s latest camcorder records clearer video than ever before © Sony


If you’re the kind of holidaymaker who wants those all-too-short vacation days preserved forever, the Sony FDR-AX100 might pique your interest. A sleek, handheld camcorder, the new product’s main selling point is its 4K resolution (4K is four times clearer than HD). Cost right now is steep, but crystal-clear memories are priceless. . .right?


7) Mophie Space Pack


2014 Travel Gadgets | Mophie Space Pack

Mophie’s Space Pack is the first device to double battery life and storage space © Mophie


It’s a universal problem amongst smartphone users: battery life is too short, and charging takes ages. Add in upped usage during travel, and between the photos, the videos, the GPS, and the assorted apps, your phone is bound to give up in a matter of hours. Techies will rejoice, then, at the release of the Mophie Space Pack. Available for the iPhone 5 and 5s beginning in March, the rechargeable battery case doubles battery life and provides either 16 or 32 GB of extra storage space.


Are you a fan of wearable tech? Which of these new gadgets would you invest in? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Claire Bullen


Claire Bullen

Claire is a born globetrotter: before relocating to London, she spent time in New York, Paris, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. When she's not in pursuit of the next exciting meal, she can be found haunting indie bookstores and sketching outdoors. Follow Claire @ClaireMBullen

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