What a year – 12 extraordinary months for our cargo team

By: Dave Gunner

March 22, 2021

On the anniversary of our first-ever cargo-only flight, we look back at the achievements of our cargo team and the pivotal role they’ve played in our survival and profitability.

The last 12 months have certainly been a time our cargo team will never forget. Following the Covid-19 outbreak, they’ve launched 11 new routes, operated over 4,000 cargo only flights, sought new opportunities and transported thousands of tonnes of vital PPE and equipment for the NHS.  Supported by many other teams across the airline, and working with our suppliers and agents, they have demonstrated grit and determination and continued to come up with creative ideas that kept our aircraft flying and supplies chains moving. What they’ve achieved is nothing short of incredible.

“Our people have proven again and again that they’re the best team in the business,” said Dominic Kennedy, managing director, cargo. “The role that this team has played in the survival of Virgin Atlantic cannot be overstated. Anything is possible with this fantastic team!”.

To look back om am extraordinary year for our cargo team we’ve put together a slideshow of some of the photos they’ve taken along with an infographic which shows their achievements.

  • Dublin

  • JFK

  • The last of our 747s to carry cargo

  • In the belly of the 747

  • Cargo netted to the seats

  • Brussels

  • San Juan

  • Ben Crump our head of cargo operations UK and Europe, relaxes after hours of packing PPE onto seats

Dom was recently interviewed in Cargo magazine where he talked about the incredible work and paid tribute to his team, everyone at Virgin Atlantic who supports them and our suppliers and agents. It’s a fascinating read


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