Where to get the best Hawaiian coffee In Honolulu

By: Brian Berusch

October 2, 2015

© Andrea Burton

© Andrea Burton

Coffee is serious business in the Aloha State. It could have something to do with the fact that it is the only place on American soil where coffee is grown and harvested. Or it could be the influence of countries like China, Japan and Australia, where coffee culture has been an explosive phenomenon. Regardless, while Hawaiian coffee farming has been growing for over a century, it wasn’t until recently that visitors and residents alike could kick back at a local cafe and sample the finest beans from nearby farms. For those in search of a good strong cup of java, here’s where to get the best local coffee in Honolulu.

Morning Glass Coffee

With locations in Manoa (near the University of Hawaii) and in Kakaako (inside Fishcake Design Center), Morning Glass Coffee was among the first to feature Hawaiian-grown coffees served unapologetically alongside pastries and breakfast items, also made with locally sourced Hawaiian ingredients. A breakfast sandwich may include Shinsato Farm’s bacon over a Ka Lei egg, and scones are served with fresh Lehua honey from Oahu, all of which are idyllic alongside locally sourced and in-house roasted coffee.

Where to get the best Hawaiian coffee In Honolulu
The vintage 1930s roaster at Honolulu Coffee © Honolulu Coffee

Honolulu Coffee

Formerly a pair of Hawaii Island farms and one Oahu cafe location, Honolulu Coffee now has three Honolulu locations as well as 19 stores (and counting) throughout Japan and China, with further expansions planned at the end of this year. In October 2015 they opened the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center in Waikiki, which features a tour through their “Farm-to-Cup” coffee experience. This includes a cupping demonstration (the art of tasting coffee with an expert, akin to wine tasting), and a viewing of the vintage 1930s roaster that was shipped from Israel to roast every Honolulu Coffee bean that ends up in your cup.

Where to get the best Hawaiian coffee In Honolulu
Start your day with a cup of local coffee and a croissant at Honolulu Coffee © Honolulu Coffee

Brue Bar

Brue Bar is a relative newcomer on the Hawaiian coffee scene, a spin-off business from a local design-print shop. Now with multiple locations, the bar is attracting downtown types who flock here for their expertly made espressos. Originally just serving Verve Coffee (from Santa Cruz, Calif.) the brand has now expanded their menu to consistently feature local Hawaiian single batch and blended coffees. Their ultra-modern Slayer and Alpha Dominche Steampunk espresso machines each attract a savvy coffee drinking crowd that like their coffee from single origins and extracted slowly.

Where to get the best Hawaiian coffee In Honolulu
Coffee is an art at Honolulu Coffee © Brian Berusch

Chef Morimoto

While Chef Morimoto is not exactly famous for his coffee, he did hand select Kona Rainforest Organic Coffee for his Waikiki restaurant (inside The Modern Honolulu Hotel), and even spent a day at the farm making “coffee art” – raking freshly picked beans in patterns as they dried in the sun. But it wasn’t only his patrons who took notice; The President of the United States, Barack Obama, followed suit after a meal there while on holiday and ever since has served Kona Rainforest Organic throughout the White House during dinner affairs.

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Written by Brian Berusch

Brian Berusch

Brian Berusch

Brian Berusch traded in his Manhattan gym membership for a quiver of surfboards, trail running shoes and a one-way ticket to Honolulu more than a decade ago. Since then, he’s interviewed dozens of celebrities and covered the destination for more than 25 travel and lifestyle magazines. He’s an award-winning Editorial Director, a Today Show correspondent and most recently the publisher of two new magazines. He has yet to “get barreled” in the perfect wave.

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